The Grand Mira jig

Also known as Kenloch, The Mira, Mist Over Tennessee, The Rose Of Tennessee.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Grand Mira
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
c|:"G"B3 BGE|"G"DGB d3|"C"e3 "G"dBG|"D"c3 cAB|
"Am"cdc cAF|"D"DFA cBc|1 "D"e3 dBG|"G"B3 Bdc:|2 "D"ded cBA|"G"G3 G2 g||
"G"b3 g3|"G"ded B2 A|"G"GBd GBd|"Am"c3 cBc|"D"a3 f3|
"D"ded B2 c|"Am"ded "D"cBA|"G"B2 c d2 g||
"G"gba g2 e|"G"ded B2 A|"G"GBd GBd|"Am"c3 cBc|
"D"a3 f3|"D"ded B2 c|"Am"ded "D"cBA|"G"G3 G2||

Six comments

A jig I got from Brenda Stubberts Cd - In Jig Time.

A good one for Cape Breton stepping or sets how ever you blend it…

And usually, for that purpose, it is put into a set with other jigs, Irish and otherwise… But it does have that old time quickstep feel about it…

So ‘quirl’, have you suddenly resorted to being stainless steel and fish chowders? 😉