Three recordings of
Sergeant Early’s Dream

Tuttle’s (reel) is also known as Bearna ’n Aonaigh, Bobby Casey’s, Casey’s, The Custom Gap, Jug Of Punch, The Jug Of Punch, The Mills Are Grinding, The Millstones Are Grinding, The Turtle, Tuttle, Windy Gap, The Windy Gap.

Sergeant Early’s Dream (reel) is also known as Aisling Mhaor Mhaelmhochéirighe, Kathleen Collins’, Seargent Early’s Dream, Sergeant Early’s, Sgt. Early’s Dream.

20th Feakle Festival: Reeling Through The Years by Various Artists

  1. Windy Gap
  2. Sergeant Early’s Dream
  3. Tempest

The Friendly Visit by Frank Brunel And Vincent Rosinach

  1. Tuttle’s
  2. Sergeant Early’s Dream
  3. The Tempest

The Torn Jacket by Floating Crowbar

  1. When A Man’s In Love
  2. Tuttle’s
  3. Sgt. Early’s Dream
  4. The Tempest