Seamus McManus waltz

Also known as The Continental.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Seamus McManus
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|f2e2c2|A3 BcA|F2A2F2|E4 E/F/G|
A2c2f2|e2c2A2|B3 _B=Bc|B3 dcd|
f2e2c2|A3 BcA|F2A2a2|f3 gaf|
e2c2A2|BF3G2|A3 GAB|1 A3 dcd:|2 A3 EFA||
EA ce cA|EA ce cA|FA df dA|FA df dA|
EA ce cA|EA ce cA|EG Bc Bc|dc BA GF|
EA ce cA|EA ce cA|F2A2a2|f3 gaf|
e2c2A2|BF3G2|A3 GAB|A4 AB|
ce ac' ae|ce ac' ae|df ad' af|df ad' af|
ce ac' ae|ce ac' ae|Be gb ge|Be gb ge|
ce ac' ae|ce ac' ae|d2f2a2|d'4 c'b|
c'2 b2 a2|bf3g2|a3 gab|a6||

Six comments

Seamus McManus

Seamus & Manus McGuire learned this ‘light-hearted’ Canadian Waltz from the playing of Joe McIsaac, a Cape Breton fiddler.

Not surprising when you consider the title!

I love playing this Waltz, but the third part is way up there in the ‘Gobi Desert’, so I stick to just the first 2 parts.
As Clint Eastwood once said - “A man’s gotta know his limitations!”

Related to Seamus O“Brien’s Waltz

I notice that the first part of Seamus McManus sounds like the first part of Seamus O’Brien’s Waltz. Although no recordings of Seamus O’Brien’s Waltz is listed, I believe that the Springfield Missouri fiddler, Art Galbraith recorded it. I probably learned it directly or indirectly from him. Perhaps it is on his album “Dixie Blossoms.”


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Kilfenora Céili Band on the CD titled Live in Lisdoonvarna plays this tune as the first part of The Atlantic (no. 11). This tune is briliant!
They play twice the first half of the second part.

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The Continental Waltz

Titled “The Continental Waltz” on “They Sailed Away From Dublin Bay” by Liam Farrell And Joe Whelan
Starts and ends with part B.

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Re: Seamus McManus

Maybe I’m dense, but didn’t the Maguire brothers actually play this in G, but with their fiddles tuned a half-step sharp? I don’t think A is the correct key for this. Makes the high part easier to play too.