Two recordings of
Shoe The Donkey
Dan Coakley’s

Shoe The Donkey (polka) is also known as Andy Boyle’s, Ballydesmond #3, Ballydesmond Polka No. 3, Cathy’s Favourite, Dan Macks, The Dargin, The Evening, Glenside No.1, The Hen Dance, Kerry, The Kerry No 1, The Kerry No. 1, The Kerry No.1, Kerry Polka #1, Kevin’s, The Mist On The Glen, Pat Horgan’s #1, Pat Horgan’s No. 1, Pat Horgan’s No.1, Pat Organs #1, Rhubarb Sandwich, Sean Ryan’s, The Varsouviana, The Waterford.

Take A Bow by Matt Cranitch

  1. Maurice Manley’s
  2. The Ballydesmond
  3. Dan Coakley’s

The Chanter's Tune by Na Fili

  1. Johnny Murphy’s
  2. Dan Coakley’s
  3. The Ballydesmond