One recording of
79th’s Farewell To Gibraltar
Pibroch Of Donald Dhu

79th’s Farewell To Gibraltar (polka) is also known as The 79th Highlanders March, The 79th Highlanders’ Farewell To Gibraltar, The 79th Highlanders’ March, 79th’s Farewell, 79th’s Farewell To Gibraltar, The 79th’s Farewell To Gibraltar, Farewell To Gibraltar, Farewell To Gibralter, March For The 79th’s Farewell To Gibraltar, March For The 79th’s Farewell To Gibralter.

Pibroch Of Donald Dhu (jig) is also known as Black Donald, Black Donald The Piper, Black Donald’s Pipes, Domhnall Dubh, Domnall Dub, Domnall Dub An Piobaire, Domnall Dubh An Phiobaire, Domnall Dubh An Piobaire, Donald Dhu, Donuil Dubh, Irish Thyme, Locheil’s March, Lochiel’s March, Pibroch O’ Domnhall, Pibroch O’ Donal Dhu, The Pibroch O’ Donal Dhu, Pibroch O’ Donald Dhu, The Pibroch O’ Donald Dhu, Pibroch O’Donal Dhu, The Pibroch O’Donal Dhu, Pibroch O’Donnel Dubh, The Pibroch Of Black Donald, The Pibroch Of Domhnall Dubh, The Pibroch Of Donald Dhu, The Pibroch Of Donald Dubh, The Pibroch Of Donuil Dubh.

Tribute To William Hannah by Luke Daniels

  1. The Inverness Gathering
  2. The 79th’s Farewell To Gibraltar
  3. Pibroch O’ Donald Dhu