Dash To Portobello reel

By Sean Ryan

Also known as The Dash To Portabello, The Dash To Portobello, Gael Linn, Port Gael-linn, Sean Ryan’s Favourite, Sean Ryan’s Star Of Munster.

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Three settings

X: 1
T: Dash To Portobello
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
B~E3 EDB,A,|D2 FE D~A,3|B,EED EFGA|1 BdAF GEEc:|2 BdAF GE E2||
|:g2 eg bgeg|fd(3ddd Adfd|g2 eg bgeg|(3efg af geef|
~g3a bgeg|f~d3 Adfd|g2 ga (3bag af|1 gfed Bdef:|2 gfed Bded||
# Added .
X: 2
T: Dash To Portobello
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:g2 eg bgeg|f2 df afdf|g2 eg bgeg|fgaf ge e2|
g3a bgeg|fd d2 Adfd|g3a bgaf|1 gfed Bdef:|2 gfed Be e2||
# Added by JACKB .
X: 3
T: Dash To Portobello
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Edor
A|:BE3 EDBc|defe dA3|BEED EFGA|(3Bcd ec dBAF|BE3 EDBc|
def2 dA3|BE3 G3A|B2 AF GE3:|g2 eg bgeg|fd3 Adfa|g2 eg bgeg|
fg (3agf ge3|g3a (3bag eg|f3 g afdf|gfga bgaf|gfed (3Bcd ed:|

Eighteen comments

The Glens of Aherlow

This reel was written by Co. Tipperary fiddler Sean Ryan, a prolific composer of more than 250 tunes. I learned it from the playing of Kevin Burke, but can’t remember which recording. The liner notes spelled it Glens, though some printed sources keep it singular. Not having personally been to Aherlow, I don’t know whether they’re blessed with an abundance of glens, or just one singluar glen.

I posted the tune now because there’s some confusion over Lafferty’s Reel also being known as the Glen(s) of Aherlow. To my ear, they are similar but different tunes. For one thing, Lafferty’s is in E dorian, and Aherlow is in E minor. The chord structure also doesn’t match, at least not between the tunes as I know them.

Which all adds up to two great reels to play rather than just one with many names….

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There is one single glen called the Glen of Aherlow, in the shadow of the Galty Mountains,
Co. Tipperary. I would have spent a night in a youth hostel there, but I got lost cycling in the dark and ended up camping in a rubbly field behind a petrol station.

Glens of Aherlow

The tune posted here is actually called “The Dash to Portobello.” It can been found in Sean Ryan’s collection of compositions titled “The Hidden Ireland.”

Portobello…sounds like stir fry

Now I’m thoroughly confused and can only claim stateside (and boondocks besides) ignorance on all this. Lafferty’s, the Woman I Never Forgot, Glen of Aherlow, and the Dash to Portobello. I have no idea what name “officially” goes with which tune. My info on these tunes is based almost entirely on the recordings of Kevin Burke, usually a credible source of knowledge on such things. But radriano’s cite seems beyond question, so I’ll beg off and go with whatever sounds reasonable.

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Another other name

Sean Ryan wrote this in honor of Geal-linn (ITM record co), so it picked up the name “Geal-Linn” as well.

Not the “Glens of Aherlow”

This isn’t the “Glens of Aherlow” after all - The tune “Glens of Aherlow” was posted by Josh Kane as “Lafferty’s” another name the tune goes by - this one is the “Dash to Portobello” or “Gael-Linn”. They’re both compositions of Sean Ryan’s

Fire Aflame

This is the tune that is played first on Track 13 of The Fire Aflame, not Sean Ryan’s Jig as listed in the database here…

Robert, your youtube tune bears the same name, ie: The Glen of Aherlow, but it’s a different reel: you’ll find the score for it at:
Note that your guy on the piano accordion there plays it in Dm.

Sean Ryan’s

I’ve always known this tune as Sean Ryan’s. I love the pulse of this tune, one of the best.

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how do you play this tune with the flute oder pipes ? do you transpose the notes deeper than d or do you transpose the whole bar ?

Re: Dash To Portobello

(And also my favorite)

Re: Dash To Portobello

Just out of curiosity, does anyone know which Portobello they are dashing to? There are 6 in the world, according to Google, from S Africa, to New Zealand, USA, but I’d love to think it was that place just East of Edinburgh, with its long promenade and sandy beach,“Edinburgh’s Riviera”.

Re: Dash To Portobello

I think Sean Ryan lived his whole life in Tipperary and Offaly, so he probably commemorated a dash to Portobello in Dublin.

Re: Dash To Portobello

“ be aware that the fiddle is tuned down a tone“ - just read this comment after learning it in Dminor from Sean Ryan’s recording on ‘Milestone at the Garden’! Oh well, all good practice.

Re: Dash To Portobello

The story goes that “Dash to Portobello” refers to a last-minute trip of the Nenagh, Tipperary fiddle player Seán Ryan – the tune’s author – to a Radio Éireann studio located in the Portobello area of Dublin.

This fine tune has also been duplicated here as “The Ebb Tide Reel”, a title apparently popular in Sligo. https://thesession.org/tunes/1821