Top Of The Hill reel

By Diarmaid Moynihan

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One setting

X: 1
T: Top Of The Hill
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Fmaj
"F"F3D AGFD|~F2Ac dAAd|"Bbmaj7"c2AG AGFA|"C"GAcd "C/E"AGGA|
"F"F3D AGFD|~F2Ac df~f2|"Bbmaj7"agfc dffd|1 "C"cAGc "CE"AFFC:|2 "C"cAGc "C/E"Acef||
|:"Dm7"d3c Ad~d2|"Am7"FAef ecAc|"Gm7"A2fe dcAc|"C"fA~A2 "C/E"GAeg|
"Dm7"d3c Ad~d2|"Am7"FAef ecAc|"Gm7"agfc dffd|1 "C"cAGc "C/E"Acef:|2 "C"cAGc "C/E"AFFC||

Three comments

Slow Reel from Diarmaid Moynihan

I learned this lovely tune from the short-lived Red Hat Band’s CD entitled "Covering Ground." Diarmaid Moynihan and Brian Finnegan play it as a duet on C and F whistles.

OK, it’s a different one than I know by that name

I was interested in this one because I am learning a tune called "The Top of the Hill" from the [i]Hidden Fermanagh[/i] book. (Sorry if the preceeding sentence looks funny - I was trying out something.)

But I see this is not a jig, but a reel. The one I am learning is an interesting tune with the A part as a Slip Jig (at least it’s in 9/8/), and the B Part in 12/8.

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