Joe Scurfield’s Favourite hornpipe

Also known as Joe Scurfield’s Favorite.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Joe Scurfield's Favourite
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmin
D2|G^FGA Bd^cd|=cA^FD Gg^fg|=fecA GcAG|F2 (3GF=E F2EF|
G_EGc AFAc|BFBg f2f^f|gecB AFGA|B2d2 B2:|
|:=B2|c=Bcd ecAF|(3_BcB Ac B2=B2|c=Bcd efaf|gf=eg f2f^f|
g_ecB AFGA|Bdg^f =fdAB|GEGB AFAc|B2A2 B2:|

Seven comments

Joe Scurfield’s Favourite

Composed by Robin Dunn for Joe Scurfield of the Old Rope String Band. Many of you will know that Joe died earlier in the year - details here:

I got this off a Syncopace recording. Before I heard this tune I never really fully appreciated Robin Dunn’s talent for writing tunes. Anyway, I’ve had this tune in my head all day, so I had to post it. Isn’t it a fantastic tune?! The implied harmony modulates all over the place and it’s got such a lyrical melody. I’ve put some extra accidentals in to make it easier to read without slipping up.

I’m not sure if it’s a hornpipe or a schottische/barndance. It sounds very barndancey. I’m still not very good at telling the difference. Someone more knowledgeable pls let me know.

Happy Christmas ‘c’ - I know you’ll like this one.

A few simple tweaks here and there and it works fine in that particular dance swing, and yes, I like it…but that might be the Herald in me ~ no!, don’t get rude, I mean the black lager, one of my favourite tipples…mmmmmmmm! And the goose is in the oven…

I have always enjoyed The Old Rope String Band, great craic and very talented musicians, they always got my toes tapping and raised me spirits with their weave of talents and humour…

I’ll swing by later with this barndancified, in the humour of the person it’s dedicated too, but with respect for the author…hopefully…

I meant to add that I play this very swung, and it’s swung on the recording, but I didn’t notate it that way because I couldn’t be bothered with all the arrow signs. Anyway I’m not going to start on about hornpipes again or you’ll never shut me up, so I’ll leave it there 🙂

Thanks Dow

Great tune

I know Robin and knew Joe but hadn’t heard this one before. I agree that it sounds great as a schottische. I haven’t been able to get my fingers round the buttons fast enough to try it as a Tynseide Hornpipe yet.

I have just checked and it really does use all twelve semitones! It must freak out GD melodeon players.

Joe Scurfield’s

At saturday’s session, a lad from the other side of the room, who must have noticed that I liked hornpipes, came over and recommended I come here and grab this tune as a nice gently swingy HP.
Hmmmm…. all twelve semtones! I haven’t yet decided whether he meant to cause me pain 🙂 or thought we should gang up together against all the melodeon players who were in that evening.
A fine tune though, and amazing the way it still makes sense in spite of the way the key morphs around … now where the !!!! is that eflat when you want it.