Two recordings of
Miss Hutton’s
Dowd’s Favourite

Miss Hutton’s (strathspey) is also known as Miss Hutton.

Dowd’s Favourite (reel) is also known as Dowd’s, O’Dowd’s, O’Dowd’s Favourite, Dowd’s Favorite.

Live At The Music Room by Troy MacGillivray

  1. Miss Hutton
  2. Marquis Of Huntley’s
  3. Moxham Castle
  4. Janice Ann’s
  5. Dowd’s Favourite
  6. The Plagiarist
  7. The Mortgage Burn
  8. The Road To Errogie

The Judique Flyer by Buddy MacMaster

  1. Captain O’Kane
  2. Miss Hutton
  3. O’Dowd’s Favourite