Kilty Town reel

Also known as Kitty Town, Quilty Town.

There are 26 recordings of this tune.

This tune has been recorded together with John McFadden’s Favourite (a few times), The Burren (a few times), Charlie Lennon’s (a few times) and The Twelve Pins (a few times).

Kilty Town appears in 1 other tune collection.

Kilty Town has been added to 9 tune sets.

Kilty Town has been added to 147 tunebooks.

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Five settings

X: 1
T: Kilty Town
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
cA|BG~G2 d2cA| (3Bcd cA BGG2|FD (3FED cD (3FED|
BD (3FED cBA2|BGG2 d2cA|BdcA BG~G2|FAde f2eg| fdcA G2 :|
|: de |~g3a gB(3BBB|eBgB eB~B2|dega b2ag|eaab agef|
g2bg f2af|e3 f edcB|cdec BcdB|AGA Bc :|de|
G2BG F2AF|E3F EDCB,|C2EC B,2DB, |1 A,B,CD EGAB :|2 A,G,A,B, G,3||
X: 2
T: Kilty Town
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:BG~G2 d2cA| (3Bcd cA BGG2|A~D3 c~D3|
"1"B~D3 cBA2|BGG2 d2cA|BdcA BG~G2|FGAd fdeg|1 fdcA G3A :|2 fdcA G2Bd |
| |:~g3a g~B3|eBgB e~B3|dega b2ag|e~a3 agef|
g2bg f2af|egfd edBG | "2"c2ec B2dB|AGAB cdef:|
|:g2dc BGG2|FGAB cBcA|G~B3 BABc|d2AG FDEF|
P: Variations
|"1"~B3d cAA2 |"2" cdec BcdB |
X: 3
T: Kilty Town
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:BG G2 d2cA| (3Bcd cA BGG2|AD D2 cD D2|BD D2 cBA2|
BGG2 d2cA|BdcA BG G2|FGAd fdeg|1 fdcA G3A :|2 fdcA G2Bd ||
|:g3a gB B2|eBgB eB B2|dega b2ag|ea a2 agef|
g2bg f2af|egfd edBG | c2ec B2dB|AGAB cdef:|
|:g2dc BGG2|FGAB cBcA|GB B2 BABc|d2AG FDEF|
G2BG F2AF|EGFD edcB|c2 ec B2dB |FGAc BGG2:|
# Added by JACKB .
X: 4
T: Kilty Town
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|: B ~G3 d2cA|BdcA B~G3|A ~D3 c ~D3 | B~D3A2Ac|
B ~G3 d2 cA | BdcA B ~G3 | | (3EFG AB cdeg |1 fdcA G2 dc:|2 fdcA G2 Bd||
|:g2 gf e~B3|eBgB e ~B3|dega bgag| eaag agef|
g2 bg faaf|~e3f edBd | |c2 ec B2 dB | A2 AB cdef:|
|:g2 gd B ~G3|(3EFG AB c2BA| G ~B3 GABc|d2 AG FA DA |
G2 BG F2 AF |~e3f edBd|c2 ec B2 dB|1.~A3 B cdef:|2. ~A3 B cAFA |
X: 5
T: Kilty Town
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
A |: BG G2 d2 cA | BdcA BG G2 | ADFD c2 cA | BdcA BAFA
| BG G2 d2 cA| BdcA BG G2 | FGAB cdeg | fdcA G3:|
|:f | g2 gf gB B2 | eBgB eB B2| dega bgag | eaag agef
| g2 eg f2 df | egfd edBd | c2 ec BcdB | A2 AB cdef:|
|: g2 gd BG G2 | FGAB c2 BA | GBBA B2 Bc | dBAG FDDF
| G2 BG F2 AF | EGFD edBd | c2 ec BcdB |1A2 AB cdef:|2FGAc BG G2|]

Ten comments

Charlie Lennon

This tune was written by Charlie Lennon of Co. Lietrim (fiddle & piano player), it’s one of the first tunes I learned by ear. I have to admit I like every tune I’ve ever heard by Charlie Lennon. Charlie as well as being a great fiddler is one of my favourite all time backers. People who slag off on piano have rarely heard players like Charlie Lennon or Felix Dolan.

Piano backing

yes,mr. mad, I have to say that Mr. Lennon is one of the few piano backers that I can listen to without curling me toes.Very tasty,IMO.
I will certainly try to give Mr. Dolan a go as well.

The last 2 bars of this transcription don’t work. Play it as CL wrote it - it sounds better.

|1 FGAc BGBd:|2 FGAc BGGA||

That should have been last 3 bars. The 3rd from last is |C2EC B,2DG|

D Whistle Version

Does any one have a Version that can be played on a D Whistle or Pipes?

D whistle version

Try something like this for the last few bars of the last part, Tony:

G2BG F2AF | ~E3F EDcB | c2ec B2dB |1 AGAB cdef :|2 AGAB c2 ||

The other parts fit fine on D whistle at least. I can’t speak for the pipes, as I know next to nothing about them.

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Kilty Town

X:4 from listening to Charlie and Frankie G, also taking cues from the setting in the Musical Memories book.

Kilty Town, X:5

Great tune

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Kilty Town, X:6

As taught to me by Tom Wilsbach of Portland, ME - similar to other versions here but very kind to pipes and flutes.

Kilty Town, X:7

This may do as a flute or whistle setting. It is not far off the fiddle version I know and just alter to the low notes in the 6th bar of the third part.

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