Gort Na Mona jig

Also known as Gort Na Mona.

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Nine comments

From Flook’s “Haven.” Written by Michael Rooney. A 6/8 tune that isn’t quite a jig, and although there are definitely two parts, it’s not entirely clear where the first ends and the second begins. They’ve recorded it in Bb, but Brian plays his F-whistle with G-fingers and so I’ve notated it thusly.

It’s the right length to be a slip jig, the repeated bits in the first half fall in the right places for that, but the second half doesn’t have the repetitions you’d expect.

I haven’t heard it, but it looks pretty reasonable in 9/8 and even sounds decent that way in BarFly’s midi player.

A Slip Jig

This is definitely a slip jig. This is according to the liner notes written by Rooney himself for the CD “Draiocht” he recorded with his wife June McCormack.

Actually this tune is actually the slip jig “Gort na Mona”. It’s been recorded by Michael Rooney in a set with the (other) tune Tigh Rabhartaigh. It can be found here:


I think Flook probably scrambled up the names when they went and scrambled up the meter. I have to say that I like both. It would be fun, and Donal Lunny-esque, to play the slip jig into the jig.

Notation as slip jig

This is how the file could look like as a slip jig in 9/8 notation. For me it seems more logical and easier to play than the 6/8 notation listening how Flook play the tune.

X: 1
T: Tir Rafartaigh (as played by Flook on “Haven” but in different key)
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
R: slip jig
K: Gmaj
G2A | B/c/dB B2A ~G3 | GAG E2D D2G | GDd BAG ~A3 | ABc dcA G2A |
B/c/dB B2A | ~G3 GAG E2D | D2D BAG ABc | d2d dge fga |
b2a age deg | a2g gfg ded | g2f2d2 BAG | ABc dge fga |
b2a a2b agf | ~e3 deg B2c | A3- AB/A/G ABc | d4 z gf dcA :||

Regards Holger

Flook plays this tune with the A-part in 6/8 as a jig, and the B in 9/8 as a slip jig. If you listen to Ed’s guitar, you can hear the 6 beats in the first part and 9 in the second.

I agree with JosephC, with some further nuances.

I hear the time signatures as follows:

||: Lead in | 6/8 x 6 bars |
6/8 x 4 bars | 9/8 x 1 bar ||
|: 9/8 x 4 bars :||

The main thing in my rough notation here is the bar counts. I have not notated 1st and 2nd endings and such.

Am I right in saying that Flook do not credit Micheal Rooney with this tune even though it appears to clearly have its origins in the Slip Jig that MR wrote?