The Famous Baravan jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Famous Baravan
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
d2c dAB | d2c def | g2f gef | g2f gef |
aaa aed | c2e ecA |1 A2c ecA | dcd eAB :|2 Ace edc | d3 def ||
g2f gdB | GBd gag | eff fed | dcd fed |
eee age | age age |1 aaa aed | cAd AeA :|2 aaa edc | d3 d3 ||

Four comments

The Famous Baravan

Someone recently requested this tune, composed by the late Gordon Duncan. This version is based partly on the playing of Anna Massie, and partly on the playing of Derek Hoy.

True sad story behind this tune

true sad story behind this tune, its good to play on the piano but a hard tune for the clarsach!

Happy Story in fact

In fact this tune is named after the good times Gordon Duncan and many others spent in the Scottish Gas Pipe Band’s converted caravan (hence bar-a-van) in the 1990s. The band used to take the Baravan to pipe band competitions and there was a great social rapport between the Gas band and the Duncans’ band, the Vale of Atholl during those years.

Although the Baravan has long since been retired, there is in fact a Bar-a-shed in existence now, built by the Baravan’s owner, Findlay MacLeod.

Great session tune at Blazin’s in Beauly

This tune was very popular at the late night sessions during the 2012 Blazin’ in Beauly week, but I have never heard it in America, though surely somebody has played it. I hope it gets better known on the west side of the Atlantic.