Twenty-one recordings of Millbrae

Also known as Mill Brae, The Millbrae, Mullbrae, The Mullbrae.

This tune has been recorded together with Miss Susan Cooper (a few times), Da Tushkar (a few times), The Well Wynd (a few times), A Whisky Kiss, The Acrobat, The Auld Fiddler, The Basket Of Yarn, Batchelder’s, Blair Athol, Bonnie Banchory, Bridal March From Unst, Calum Donaldson, Chanter’s Song, Evit Gabriel, The Highest Hill In Sligo, Hilda’s Choice, The House Of Hamill, The Jaunting Car, The Laird Of Drumblair, The Merry Blacksmith, The Merry Boys Of Greenland, Michael’s, Mince In A Basket, The Musical Priest, The Reconciliation, Reel Eugène, Sleep Soond Ida Mornin’, The Spey In Spate, Spootiskerry, Stout’s Trip Ta Skea, The Wizard’s Walk.

  1. …And They Danced All Night by North Cregg
  2. A Portland Selection 1: Contra Dance Music In The Pacific Northwest by George Penk, Clyde Curley, Susan Songer, Creighton Lindsay
  3. A’ Sireadh Spòrs by Dr. Angus MacDonald
  4. Bere by Saltfishforty
  5. Cape Breton…My Land In Music by Sandy MacIntyre
  6. Delighted With Harps by Sileas
  7. Live In The Highlands by Maire Ni Chathasaigh And Chris Newman
  8. Lochaber No More by Boys Of The Lough
  9. Midwinter Live by Boys Of The Lough
  10. No Afore Time by Hom Bru
  11. Northern Melodies: From New England, Quebec, Cape Breton, Scotland & Shetland by George Wilson
  12. Pulling Out The Stops by Dan Possumato
  13. Quick Spin by The Moving Violations
  14. Regrouped by Boys Of The Lough
  15. Ruby’s Reel by Inverness Fiddlers
  16. Shetland Dialect - Language Of The Fiddle by Various Artists
  17. The Legendary Down Home Recordings by Various Artists
  18. The Moon and Seven Stars by The Elftones
  19. The Sandy MacIntyre Collection: Cape Breton Fiddle (Steeped And Served) by Sandy MacIntyre
  20. Traditional Tunes by Alistair Anderson
  21. Tuned In by Johnny Murphy