Four recordings of
Miss Susan Cooper

Millbrae (reel) is also known as Mill Brae, The Millbrae, Mullbrae, The Mullbrae.

Miss Susan Cooper (reel) is also known as Mary Finn’s, Miss Susan Cooper’s, Susan Cooper, Susan Cooper’s.

No Afore Time by Hom Bru

  1. Millbrae
  2. Miss Susan Cooper
  3. Calum Donaldson
  4. Mickey Ainsworth

Regrouped by Boys Of The Lough

  1. Da Tushkar
  2. Susan Cooper
  3. Millbrae

Shetland Dialect - Language Of The Fiddle by Various Artists

  1. Mill Brae
  2. Miss Susan Cooper

The Legendary Down Home Recordings by Various Artists

  1. Da Tushker
  2. Millbrae
  3. Miss Susan Cooper