On Your Own Time reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: On Your Own Time
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
|:FE|"dmin"D2 AG "C"ECCE|"dmin"DCDE FEFG|A2 Ac defd|"C"efed c2 de|
"F"fagf "C"e2 fe|"dmin"dcAF "G"G2 GE|"C"CEGE AEGE|"dmin"DAGE D2:|
|:FE|"F"F2 AG FAcA|"Bb"dAeA "F"f2 ef|"C"g2 gf g2 gf|egdg cdeg|
"F"afca "C"gceg|"dmin"fdAd "amin"ecAc|"dmin"d2 AG "C"ECCE|"dmin"DAGE D2:|

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On Your Own Time

This is one of my own tunes. The title comes from the fact that I wrote this while at work, and can only imagine what my bosses might have said if they had known what I was doing.

Though I wrote the melody with the 2nd and 3rd notes of the first measure as AG, within the framework of the d minor chord I think that AF could work equally as well. This figure also applies to the 2nd-3rd notes of the second-to-last measure of the B section, as this is intentionally a call-back to the first measure. The last measures of both A and B sections are also intentionally similar for the same reason, as I feel that this serves as a unifying feature.

Really good tune pbassnote.

Thanks for posting it.

It will go well with The Birthday Reel that Dow posted a few days back

Thanks, Geoff. All I have to do now is figure out how to play it.
And thanks for the suggestion, I’ll get a good look at Dow’s Birthday Reel.

Sorry Geoff, my mistake

I’ve just checked out the Birthday Reel, had mis-ID’d it as Dow’s when it turns out it’s yours, Geoff. Apologies. It’s a real nice tune, and I think you’re right in that it might go well with this tune, though I haven’t tried playing them together yet. Do you have another tune to round out this ‘set’? Open to suggestions…

We were sitting in my conservatory a few weeks ago swapping tunes whe he was over here. Dow wrote it down when I played it and posted it when he got back to Sydney.

I played it followed by Paddy Lynn’s Delight (John Carty does a great version of this on At it Again) but I think your tune will go nicely in the middle. I’ve started playing all three, not too fast with a nice swing, and I think I’ll introduce them to the band soon when I’ve got yours nailed.

You’re also right about the F nats instead of the G where you indicated. It feels better playing Fs on the fiddle but I put a Gin as a grace note before it.

Great tune, really upbeat and merry.
Thx for posting.

a tune for my C/C# box

Just came across your tune pbassnote whilst looking for suitable Dm tunes. Dm goes well on my C/C# box and this tune really fits in with my bass buttons arrangement. I like the progression from ‘F’ in bar 5 (B music) onwards. Anything to help develop my technique.


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Thanks hetty! Here’s a link to a recording of the tune:


If that link works, it’s the 2nd tune in the set which includes
Peter Street
On Your Own Time
Garrett Barry’s
The Goldfinch

I’ve a lot of work to do then before reaching this speed. I don’t think I would want to play it at that speed though, even if I could.


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