Blue Rain jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Blue Rain
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
|:cGc ece|gag e3|fef def|edc BAG|
cGc ece|gag e3|gag fed|1c2c GAB:|2c2c cBA||
|:Gcc cBc|Gee ede|Gdd dcd|Gcc cBA|
Gcc cBc|Gee ede|gag fed|1c2c cBA:|2c2c GAB||

Four comments

A new tune of mine,it arrived while I was watching Rome on the tv tonight.

I called it Blue Rain after the flower,a type of Mimosa.

A blue Mimosa (Albizia / Silk Tree)? ~ I want to see this…

"What you need to know About ~ "

"Albizia is a genus of about 150 species of mostly fast-growing subtropical and tropical trees and shrubs in the subfamily Mimosoideae of the legume family Fabaceae. The genus is pantropical, occurring in Asia, Africa, Madagascar, Central and South America and Australia, but mostly in the Old World tropics.
Albizia lebbeck (habit)

Albizia lebbeck (leaves and fruit)

These are usually small trees or shrubs with a short lifespan. The leaves are pinnate or bipinnate. Their small flowers are in bundles, with showy stamens much longer than the petals. Some are considered weeds.

One species Albizia julibrissin, the Silk Tree or Pink Siris, extends well north into temperate regions in east Asia and is by far the cold-hardiest species, tolerating temperatures down to about -30°C, provided it gets adequate summer heat to ripen the shoots. In North America, where it is commonly grown as an ornamental tree, it is often confusingly called "mimosa", a name which correctly belongs to Mimosa pudica and other species in the related genus Mimosa; in several US States it seeds itself very freely and is becoming regarded as an invasive species.

Albizia moluccana is a common shade tree on tea plantations."

& additionally ~

But I can’t find a blue one… Help!

Slight change?

I made a slight change to the 4th bar of the turn, changing it to FAAAGF, which really made a difference. Sits nicely flat-picked on a standard-strung guitar. Sounds somewhere between blues and old-timey American?