Reel De Vaudreuil reel

Also known as Reel De Montréal, Reel De Montreal, Reel De Sherbrooke, E Partie De Set De Vaudreuil, Reel De St-Denis, Set De Vaudreuil, Troisième Partie Du Set De Vaudreuil.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Reel De Vaudreuil
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
e4 |: a2 (3gag edcB | AcBA c2B2 | GBGB Bd{cd}cB | AcBA cze2 |
a2 (3gag edcB | AcBA cABA | GABc defg |[1 abag azez :|[2 abag a2z2 ||
BzGB eze2 | ggeg b3b | bb (3aba fzdz | c'zb2 gee2 |
BBGB eze2 | ggeg b3b | bb (3aba fzdd | edef ezA2 |
BBGB eze2 | ggeg b3b | bb (3aba fzdz | c'zb2 gee2 |
BBGB eze2 | ggeg b3b | bb (3aba fzdd | edef eze2 |]

Five comments

From the playing of Joseph-Ovila LaMadeleine on the Virtual Gramophone.

I waited about a week before posting this tune because I was finding no Abmaj key in the submit form. And then I remembered that some fiddlers play with an untuned violin… So it’s most likely an Amaj tune played in Abmaj.

3 other names (usually played in key of G,D)

My husband and I know this tune by either Reel de Sherbrooke or Reel de Montreal depending on whether we’re in Quebec or the USA. I’ve also seen it under "3me partie de set de Vaudreuil". We play it in the key(s) of G,D.

You’re right about the Troisième partie du set de Vaudreuil. It’s on the Virtual Gramophone too 🙂
I updated the aliases.

While searching on the VG, I found it as Reel de St-Denis too.