Conjunction reel

By Jim DiCarlo

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One setting

X: 1
T: Conjunction
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
"Bm7"FBBA B2fe|"D(add G)"ed2B- BAFE|"Gmaj9"F2BF GDBG|"A"ABBA- AB"/F#"fe|
"Bm7"f2ae- ed"F#m"AB|BdAE FA~A2|"Em"fdAF GBed|"A/F#"cAed- "Gmaj9"dcBA:|
"Bm7"~f3a bf"D(add G)"~a2-|abfa bfdf|"Em"dege fd"A/F#"~e2-|efde fBde|
"Bm7"~f3a bf"D(add G)"~a2-|abfa bfd2|"Em"deec df"A/F#"ec-|cdAF "Gmaj9"ABBA:|

Eight comments

One of mine. Written this past summer. I play it as a slow reel.

Unfortunately the reel “Tamlin” also sometimes goes by the alternate title of Howling Wind, which may be why it appears that Paddy O’Brien has recorded your tune.

Apparently P O’B liked the tune of Tam Lin but not the title, so he made up his own. Me, I like the title but not the tune 🙂
…Except for some versions, which are ok.

Funny, now that you mention it, I’ve never been too fond of that tune either. I don’t mind playing it now and then, but the punters always sit up and take notice, which worries me. And the first riff in the B part never fails to remind me of the theme to the television series “Lost in Space.” “Danger, danger Will Robinson!” *shudder*

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Will, it’s fun in a concert because you are playing for the punters and they seem to have a fascination for this tune i.e. Tamlin. But I don’t greatly enjoy it’s repetitious nature in a session. Having said that almost any tune in the hands of a master - so to speak - can sound really great.

I think that’s actually where that tune went stale for me–we used it too often in gigs. One time through as a slow reel. Then stepped up a notch, and then racing away and leaping into Julia Delaney. Always brought the house down. Grew to feel premeditated and manipulative.

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Poor Jim, posts his own tune and all we can do is talk about the other one….

Actually I like this Howling Wind–I can see the Flook/Lunasa influences, deftly handled here. Nicely done, Jim.

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My apologies Jim, I didn’t really set out to make this a Tamlin discussion thread and yeah your tune’s not half bad. The next thread hijack is for people to start suggesting alternate titles for your tune.
Would I do that………………..
It’s just that: -
< howl (v.)
< c.1220, houlen, probably of imitative origin.
< Howler “glaring blunder, ridiculous mistake” is first
< recorded 1890.
What about “Wailing Gale”