One hundred and twenty-two recordings of The Ships Are Sailing

Also known as All Da Ships Ir Sailin, All Da Ships Ir Sailin’, All The Ships Are Sailing, The Seals Are Shaping, The Ships A Sailing, Ships A-Sailing, The Ships Are A-Sailing, Ships Are A’ Sailing, Take Her Out And Air Her.

This tune has been recorded together with The Longford Collector (lots of times), Ambrose Moloney’s (a few times), The New Mown Meadows (a few times), The Star Of Munster (a few times), The Teetotaler’s (a few times), The Connemara Stockings (a few times), The Sally Gardens (a few times), The Templehouse (a few times), The Wind That Shakes The Barley (a few times), The Bag Of Spuds (a few times), The Coalminer’s (a few times), Cooley’s (a few times), The Cup Of Tea (a few times), The Dublin (a few times), Granny In The Corner (a few times), The Green Fields Of America (a few times), Greig’s Pipes (a few times), The Heather Breeze (a few times), The Laurel Tree (a few times), Lucy Campbell (a few times), Mak A Kishie Needle, Dye (a few times), The Man Of The House (a few times), The Morning Dew (a few times), O’Rourke’s (a few times), The Otter’s Holt (a few times), Over The Moor To Maggie (a few times), The Pinch Of Snuff (a few times), The Red-Haired Lass (a few times), Saint Anne’s (a few times), Shelder Geo (a few times), The Silver Spear (a few times), The Skylark (a few times), Tuttle’s (a few times), The Ale Is Dear, An Tri Is A Rian, The Bank Of Ireland, The Banshee, The Belharbour, The Bird In The Bush, The Blackhaired Lass, The Boy In The Boat, The Boyne Hunt, The Boys Of Malin, The Chandelier, Christmas Eve, The Clumsy Lover, Corn Riggs, Crested Hens, The Cuckoo, Da Full Rigged Ship, The Dancing Bear, Dowd’s No. 9, Dr. Gilbert’s, Drowsy Maggie, The Drunken Landlady, The Drunken Sailor, The Dunmore Lasses, The E-B-E, The Earl’s Chair, Eileen Curran, Evening Comes Early, Far From Home, Farewell To Erin, Father Kelly’s, Francis Aucoin, The Girl With The Blue Dress On, The Graf Spee, The Green Groves Of Erin, The Green Hills Of Tyrol, Guy’s, The Highland, The Hunter’s Purse, Jackson’s, Jackson’s, Jenny Pippin, Jenny’s Chickens, Jenny’s Wedding, John Brennan’s, Johnny Dennehy’s, Julia Delaney’s, June Apple, Kitty’s Wedding, Laington’s, Launching The Boat, The Left Handed Fiddler, The Limerick Lasses, The London Lasses, Lord McDonald’s, Man Of Aran, The Mason’s Apron, Michael Dwyer’s, The Milliner’s Daughter, Miss McDonald, Miss Thornton’s, The Mountain Road, The Mouth Of The Tobique, The Mullingar Races, The Musical Priest, Naughton’s, The Old Copperplate, Old Grey Cat, Out On The Ocean, Paddy Kelly’s, The Paper Bird, The Pinch Of Snuff, The Pretty Girls Of Mayo, The Reel Of Rio, Roaring Mary, The Sailor On The Rock, Scotch Mary, The Silver Spire, Sleepy Maggie, Spootiskerry, Sporting Nell, The Stoney Steps, Sweeney’s Buttermilk, Swinging On The Gate, The Tar Road To Sligo, Throw Away The Keys, Tim Maloney’s, Tom Fitzmorris’, Toss The Feathers, Tour Of Scotland, The Traveller, The Trip To Birmingham, The Trip To Durrow, Valerie.

  1. "And With That…." by Fitzsimons Traditional Irish Music
  2. 25 Years Of Celtic Music (Disc 1) by Various Artists
  3. 70th Anniversary Celebration by The Tulla Ceili Band
  4. A Chapter in History: 30 Years of Joe ‘Banjo’ Burke, Live. Volume II: Live from Eagle Tavern. by Joe Burke
  5. A Glimpse Of The Real Ireland by Various Artists
  6. A Scottish Fiddle Collection by Bonnie Rideout
  7. Acushla by Boots For Maggie
  8. An Mileoidean Scaoilte by Johnny Connolly
  9. Another Side Of Cape Breton by Johnny Wilmot
  10. Athair Agus Iníon by Celtica
  11. Avalla by Avalla
  12. Away On Up The Road by Aidan Connolly & John Daly
  13. Battery Included by Tickle Harbour
  14. Battle Songs Of The Toucan Pirates by Toucan Pirates
  15. Behind The Blarney by Wild Clover Band
  16. Beyond the Green by Ashley Ashworth
  17. Beyond The Shore by Deby Benton Grosjean
  18. Binn Blasta! by Various Artists
  19. Blás by David Doocey, Anne Brennan, Stephen Doherty & Shane McGowan
  20. Cape Breton Times by Dougie MacDonald
  21. Casey In The Cowhouse by Bobby Casey
  22. Celtic Hotel by Battlefield Band
  23. Celtic Roots (Spirit Of Dance) by John Whelan
  24. Celtic Sessions by Na Connerys
  25. Ceolaire by Hugh Healy
  26. Ceolta Seisiún Na hÉireann / Irish Session Tunes: The Orange Book CD by Sheila Garry and Brid Cranitch
  27. Cooley by Joe Cooley
  28. Cronin And Burke by Johnny Cronin and Joe "Banjo" Burke
  29. Crossing Bridges by Eileen Nicholson Kalfass
  30. Crossroads Céilí by Crossroads Céilí
  31. Cuig by Blackbeers
  32. Dancing Fingers by Jennifer And Hazel Wrigley
  33. Emerald City by Emerald City
  34. Epiphany by Silver Spire
  35. Fairly Cookin’ by Drop the floor
  36. Fiddle Me This One by Various Artists
  37. Field Session, Volume 3 by Field Irish Music Club
  38. Flight 714 by Flight 714
  39. Foinn Seisiun 1 by Ceoltóirí Cultúrlainne
  40. Full Gael by Full Gael
  41. Giotár by Pete Strickler & Charlie Branch
  42. Green Grass Blue Grass by Brock McGuire Band
  43. High Clouds by Greenfield Dance Band
  44. High Road, Low Road by Leaping Lulu
  45. Hoffman & Trippe by Hope Hoffman and Jeff Trippe
  46. In Good Hands - Field Recordings from a Pioneer of the Irish Concertina by Paddy Murphy
  47. Ireland Green by The Tulla Ceili Band
  48. Irish Coffee by Cady Finlayson
  49. Irish Cream by Irish Cream
  50. Irish Dance Time by Jackie Roche And His Irish Dance Band
  51. Irish Jigs & Reels by Various Artists
  52. Irish Rochester (CD 2) by Various Artists
  53. Irish Session Tunes: The Blue Book CD by Sheila Garry & Brid Cranitch
  54. Irish Traditional Music by Paddy Carty
  55. Irish Traditional Music by John Blake, Lamond Gillespie, Reg Hall
  56. It Was Great Altogether ! : CD#2 by Various Artists
  57. It Was Great Altogether! ~ CD 1 of 3 by Various Artists
  58. Kathleen Keane by Kathleen Keane
  59. Keep ‘er Lit by Micheál Ó Dhomhnaill
  60. Keepers Of Tradition: Concertina Players Of County Clare by Various Artists
  61. Like The Wind (Ar Nos Na Gaoithe) by John Wynne
  62. Live by Oige
  63. Maiden Voyage by Various Artists
  64. Memories Of Sligo by Roger Sherlock
  65. Miles From Dublin by Dan Carollo
  66. Mysterious Ireland by Various Artists
  67. Ó Chicago go Carrachán by Maidhc Dainín Ó Sé
  68. O’stravaganza. Vivaldi In Ireland by Hughes De Courson
  69. Oilean by Siamsa Tire
  70. Olde Day Again by Blarney Pilgrims
  71. Ómós Do Joe Cooley by Frankie Gavin and Paul Brock
  72. One by Murphy Roche Irish Music Club
  73. River Reel by Breanndán Ó Beaglaoich/Brendan Begley, Seamus Glackin, Mick O’Brien, Mary Corcoran, Mick Gaynor
  74. Rogha Órdha by Various Artists
  75. Rogha Scoil Samhraidh Willie Clancy 2008 by Various Artists
  76. Rogha Scoil Samhraidh Willie Clancy 2010 by Various Artists
  77. Seery Polymer Flute by Various Artists
  78. Set Dancing Downunder by The Coast Ceili Band
  79. Sheila Maguire by Sheila Maguire
  80. Ships are Sailing by Tara Finn and Philip Doddy
  81. Siren Song by Connemara (USA)
  82. Tampa Session Sets, Vol. 1 by Clan Tampa
  83. The Best Of Aly Bain by Aly Bain
  84. The Best Of Bobby Gardiner by Bobby Gardiner
  85. The Blackberry Blossom - Celtic Jigs & Reels by Various Artists
  86. The Boss Murphy Musical Legacy by The Shandrum Céilí Band
  87. The Bunch Of Keys - Traditional Irish Music Played On The Piano Accordion by Various Artists
  88. The Cream Of Irish Music by Various Artists
  89. The Darkest Midnight: A Celtic Nativity by The Beggar Boys Featuring Jayne Tankersley
  90. The Departure by Chrissy Crowley
  91. The First Round by Traonach
  92. The Gallowglass Ceili Band by The Gallowglass Ceili Band
  93. The Genius of Peter Conlon by Peter Conlon
  94. The Jig Is Up by The Plankerdown Band
  95. The Journey Home by Banish Misfortune
  96. The Joys Of Life by Shaskeen
  97. The Living Tradition Vol II by The Tara Ceili Band & The Garrai Eoin II Ceili Band
  98. The Real Reels Of Ireland by Various Artists
  99. The Rough Guide To Irish Folk by Various Artists
  100. The Ships Are Sailing by Comhaltas Concert Tour Group 1978
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  104. The Tunes We Like To Play On Paddy’s Day by The Flanagan Brothers
  105. This Day 20 Years by Brian Hughes
  106. Three Forks Of Cheat by Trapezoid
  107. Tidal by Gillian Head
  108. Traditional Irish Music & Song with Chris Droney by The Four Courts Céilí Band
  109. Traditional Irish Music From Belfast by Alan McCartney, Paul Bradley, Jason O’Rourke, Brendan O’Hare and Ray Gallen
  110. Traditional Music In Support Of Doolin Coast And Cliff Rescue Service by Various Artists
  111. Tree by Gaelic Storm
  112. Tunes For Practice by Seamus Creagh
  113. Tunes in the Church by Various Artists
  114. Turning by Knot Fibb’n
  115. Turtle United by Turtle United
  116. Two Champions by Sean McGuire And Joe Burke
  117. Volume 1 by Augusta Ceili Band
  118. Wake The Neighbors by Wake The Neighbors
  119. West of Ireland by Nine-8ths Irish
  120. Whistle Flute Favourites by Jules Bitter
  121. Whistle Stop by Brian Hughes
  122. Wild Blue by Eileen Ivers