Glen Owen reel

Also known as The Celebrated Opera, The Chorus, The Doon, Gleann Eoghain, Glenn Owen, Ríl An Dúin.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Glen Owen
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
(3d=cB cA BG3|Bd=cd A2Bc|(3d=cB cA BG3|Bd=cA G4|
(3d=cB cA BG3|Bdde f3e|(3d=cB cA BG3|Bd=cA G2ag||
fd (3ded fd (3ded|fefg (3aba g2|fd (3ded fd (3ded|cdef gbag|
fd (3ded fdge|fefg a4|g3f gfed|cdef g2a2||
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Glen Owen

This tune is in Breathnach’s “The Dance Music of Ireland” Volume 2 as “Gleann Eoghain, the name of a place, but my transcription is from the setting on the John Williams Green Linnet recording ”John Williams,“ where it’s titled ”The Doon“ and follows ”Martin Rochford’s" in a two tune set. There might still be a sound sample (Track 7-second half) at this site:

When repeating, the first two bars of the A part could go something like: F3G A3G | FDDF Add2 |

On concertina, I sometimes end the tune with an extra measure to the C part comprised of a Dmaj chord with an added d’.

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This tune always reminds me of an old Scots reel “The Haggis” though I’m not sure if the two tunes are related.

The Doon Reel

This setting of the tune is also on Charlie Piggott and Gerry Harrington’s “The New Road” CD. The notes inform that Paddy Cronin is the source and its title refers to a village in N. Cork.

The Doon

Seamus Egan recorded this tune as “The Chorus Reel” on his debut recording, which is probably a mistake.

The tune actually appears in a few older collections (Ryan’s Mammoth for example) as the Chorus JIG

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Also appears as The Chorus Reel on “Paddy in the Smoke” CD.

Re: Glen Owen

IMHO I’d keep Glen Owen as a separate entry. Yes, there are similarities to maybe settings X:5 and X:2 of The Chorus but it is quite distinct from the other three settings, two of which have more in common with The Glen Road to Carrick. So, related but different.
Breathnach in CRE2. 154 gives the Celebrated Opera Reel as an alternative name, as well as Haye’s Fancy (in a Tipperary manuscript). He collected the reel from Denis Murphy who was given it by Pádraig O’Keeffe. The setting (X:1) is pretty close to that in CRE2 as are, I believe, the (currently) 4 referenced recordings. A fine Sliabh Luachra reel!