The Duke Of Perth polka

Also known as Broom’s, Broon’s, Clean Pea Strae, Clean Pea Straw, Clean Peas Strae, Clean Pease Strae, Clean Pease Straw, Duke Of Perth’s, The Duke Of Perth’s, Dul Dti’s Na Raiseanna, Going To The Races, Lolly Pops & Bull’s Eyes, Lord Rockingham’s, Love In A Village, Pea Strae, Pea Straw, Pease Strae, Pease Straw, Scampden’s Cade, Scampston Cade, Scampton Cade.

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Three settings

X: 1
T: The Duke Of Perth
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:GABc d2B2|g2B2 d2B2|g2B2 d2B2|a2A2 AcBA|
GABc d2B2|g2B2 d2B2|c2A2 d3c|1 B2G2 G2B2:|2 B2G2 G2f2||
|:g3a g2e2|a3b a2f2|g3a g2e2|b2e2 e2f2|
g3a g2e2|a3b a2f2|g2d2 e2dc|1 B2G2 G2f2:|2 B2G2 G2B2||
X: 2
T: The Duke Of Perth
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:B|G/A/B/c/ dB|gB dB|gB dB|aA AB|
G/A/B/c/ dB|gB dB|cA d/c/B/A/|BG G:|
|:f|{g}g>a ge|{g}a>b af|{f}g>a ge|be ef|
{g}g>a ge|{g}a>b ag/f/|gd dc|BG G:|
# Added by Moxhe .
X: 3
T: The Duke Of Perth
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
B|G/A/B/c/ dB|gB dB|gB dB|aA AB|G/A/B/c/ dB|
gB dB|cA dc|BG G:|:f|g>a ge|a>b af|
g>a ge|be ef|g>a ge|a>b af|gd e>c|BG G:|

Thirteen comments

Is This The Name?

This is the Tune, The Boys of the Lough play on their Album Good friends Good Music as Cadam Woods before the Bonnie Lass of Bon Accord. . The almost real Cadam Woods we find in The Session has nothing to do with that. Good to know the real name.

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Aye this is the Duke of Perth. Begley and Cooney did it as a polka in the key of Amaj on the Meiteal album. Can’t remember what they called it.

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Doesn’t this have words? Duke, duke, duke, duke of Perth, duke, duke, duke of … No?

Isn’t that the Earl’s Chair?

Or the Duke of Earl’s Chair?

Other name

The dance, and presumably the tune, is known as Broon’s Reel or Clean Peas Strae (straw)

Your presumption, I think, is incorrect. The dance was known by different names depending on which tune you used for it.

I think the title of the polka version TomR speaks of might be Dul dTí’s Na Ráiseanna, which I believe translates as “Going To The Races”.


A slightly different version, found in John Johnson’s Choice Collection of 200 Favorite Country Dances, London, vol. 8, 1758, nr 77.
In this source, the main title is Lord Rockingham’s Reel; alternative titles are Scampden’s Cade, Duke of Perth’s Reel, Broom’s Reel, Lolly Pops & Bull’s Eyes, Scamp(s)ton Cade.

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Love In A Village

Don’t know anything much about this tune, it’s English and probably traditional, but is great to play and dance to🙂

Re: The Duke Of Perth

tune but could do with a version for the piano accordion including the bass chords!

Thank you and keep safe.

Robin MacGilchrist