Liam’s Favorite Book hornpipe

Also known as Liam’s Favourite Book.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Liam's Favorite Book
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
DE |: "D"(3FAF EF D2 FA | "G"BA Bc BA (3FGA | "D"d2 df ed cB |"A"A2 AB (3ABA (3GFE |
"D"(3FAF EF D2 FA | "G"B2 Bc BA F2 |"D"d2 dA "G"B2 BG |1 "D"FA "A"EA "D"D2 DE :|2 FA EA D2 FA ||
|: "Bmin"d2 (3dcB "F#min"cA (3FGA | "Bmin"de (3dcB "F#min"(3cdc A2 | "Bmin"FB Bc dc dB |"A"(3cde Be A2 FA |
"Bmin"d2 (3dcB "F#min"cA (3FGA | "Bmin"dB (3dcB "F#min"(3cdc A2 |"G"BD GA Bc dB |1 "D"(3ABA "A"(3GFE "D"D2 FA :|2 "D"(3ABA "A"(3GFE "D"D2 DE |]

Four comments

Liam’s Favorite Book

Named for my son and whatever book he happens to be enjoying at present. I started with the idea of a hornpipe having an A section predominantly in the tonic mode, and the B section predominantly in the relative minor. Feel free to embellish it to your taste.

I like it very much, thanks for writing it

midi chord problems

erm…the 2nd part midi chords are dissonent…B major? must be a gremlin in there somewhere

midi chords?

Marty, I’m not sure what your midi chord maker is doing, but those should be B minor chords in that 2nd part. If your midi player transposes them to B major, they will definitely clash with the D naturals in the melody.