Fiach’s Fancy reel

Also known as Fiach Fancy.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Fiach's Fancy
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
DG G2 GABc | d2 ba gedB | eA A2 ABAG | FG (3 AGF DEFA |
G2 BG ABcA | BcdB cdec | dGBd gdBd | cedc BGFE |
DG G2 GABc | dg g2 gfed | eA A2 ABAG | FGAF DEFA |
G2 BG ABcA | BcdB cdec | (3 Bcd ^cd gBdB | cedc Bdef ||
gG G2 dGBd | gabg agfg | de e2 abag | (3 efg af defa |
bagb agfa | gfeg fedf | edce dcBd | cedc Bdef |
g2 GB dGBd | gabg agfg | de e2 abag | (3 efg af defa |
bdgb adfa | gceg fAdf | eAce dGBd | cedc BG G2 ||
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Fiach’s Fancy

Here’s one for the banjo-players. Composed by Gerry O’Connor, from Tipperary. It’s on his first solo recording, but never seems to be played, which is a shame. I haven’t posted a tune for some months because of a computer crash, but here’s the first of 2006. This was transcribed for me some years ago by Malcolm Reavell, all I did was check it, so credit/blame to him. I have a feeling Fiach might be Gerry’s son. Good luck !

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I got this e-mail today, thanks to Max - only too happy to put the record straight.

Hi Kenny,
Fiach O’Broin was great flute player and a good friend of Gerry’s.
Together with piper Declan Masterson they played in a band called ‘Tipsy
Sailor’. Fiach died in a car crash in 1989.
I have this information because my wife knew Fiach well.
Best Regards
Max Bruecher (Germany)

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Fiach O Broin

Does anyone know if Fiach was related to the well-known sean-nos dancer the late Paddy Ban O Broin? I have a feeling he might have been a son and that Paddy himself played the flute. I met Fiach at a party in Dublin c. 1977/78 when I was a student at TCD and we had a great time playing tunes on tin whistles. I didn’t know him well by any means, but I remember him quite clearly and, so many years later, am very sorry to learn of his premature death.