The Black Lough jig

By Paddy O’Brien

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Black Lough
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
A|:BcA G2D|GBd gdc|BGG dGG|cAG FGA|
BcA G2D|GBd gag|fdd fed|1 cAF Gdc:|2 cAF G2D||
|:GBd g2e|fed cAF|GFG BdB|cAG FGA|
GBd g2e|fed faf|g2e fed|1 cAF G2D:|2 cAF Gdc||
|:BAB GBd|gdB cdc|BAB GBd|DFA cBA|
BAB Gba|gdB cdc|B2G BdB|1 cAF Gdc:|2 cAF GBd||
|:gfg def|gdB cdc|BGG DGG|Eag fed|
g2e fga|gfg bag|fdd fed|1 cAF GBd:|2 cAF G2||

Six comments

The Black Lough (jig)

This tune might sound a bit like the double jig setting of Give Us a Drink of Water, but actually it’s another composition of Paddy O’Brien of Tipperary. At first I was trying to transcribe it from the playing of East Galway flute player Sean Moloney, but ended up listening to Eileen O’Brien’s playing of it too in order to fill in the missing notes in Moloney’s playing.

Moloney pairs it with another O’Brien tune, the Coming of Spring, which was posted by Will a couple of years ago. Eileen O’Brien also plays the two tunes together, but in reverse order. You can actually listen to her playing the tunes with Deirdre McSherry: (Weds 18th August 2004)

Kind of reminds me of “Old Tipperary.”

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Reminds you of the Old Tipperary? I’m sure this would also sound gorgeous on the pipes.

Esspecially the B part.

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This tune is also on Liam Farrell and Joe Whelan’s duet album “They sailed away from Dublin Bay,” where it’s simply called “Paddy O’Brien’s.”