The Cats Of Camazen reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Cats Of Camazen
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
d2 cA BdcA | BGBc d2 cA | BdcA BdcA | BGBc d4 |
d2 cA BdcA | BGBc d2 cA | BdcA BdcA |1 AGFA G4 :|2 AGFA G2 gf ||
ec c2 Gcec | dB B2 GBdB | cABc ABcA | BGBc d2 gf |
ec c2 Gcec | dB B2 GBdB | cABc ABcA |1 AGFA G2 gf :|2 AGFA G4 ||
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The Cats Of Kamazeen

Here’s one for the "Flook" fans. They played this at "Celtic Connections" in Glasgow last year, and it was recorded by Radio Scotland. A real tour-de force by Brian Finnegan, making great use of tongued triplets. As usual, he plays a lot of variations in the tune, so this is only a basic "road-map" of what I believe the tune to be. I believe it was composed by uilleann-piper Brendan Ring.

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Cats of Camazen

There is a tune with this name played by Brendan Ring with Sylvain Barou on the Sualtam album. I think the right spelling is Camazen and not Kamazeen.

Thanks, Robinson

Yeah, I had to guess that title, but should have checked with Flook’s last CD in the recordings section. Thanks for pointing that out.

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