Ur-Chnoc Chein Mhic Cainte waltz

Also known as Uir Chnoic Cein Mhic Cainte, Ur Cnoc Cein-Mhic-Cainte, Úr Cnoc Chéin Mhic Cáinte, Urchnoc Chein Mhic Cainte.

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Four settings

X: 1
T: Ur-Chnoc Chein Mhic Cainte
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmin
F2|B3c B2|A4FD|E C3D2|B,4B,C|D3E F2|A3B c2|B4A2|
F4F2|B3c B2|A4FD|E C3D2|B,4B,C|D3E FD|E C3A,2|B,6|B,4FE||
D2F2B2|B3B Bc|d3c B2|B A3F2|B3c d2|c A3c2|B4A2|
B4F2|B2A2F2|E4G2|G2F2E2|D4B,C|D3E FD|E C3A,2|B,6|B,4||
X: 2
T: Ur-Chnoc Chein Mhic Cainte
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amin
G2|c3d c2|B4GE|F D3E2|C4CD|E3F G2|B3c d2|c4B2|
G4G2|c3d c2|B4GE|F D3E2|C4CD|E3F GE|F D3B,2|C6|C4GF||
E2G2c2|c3c cd|e3d c2|c B3G2|c3d e2|d B3d2|c4B2|
c4G2|c2B2G2|F4A2|A2G2F2|E4CD|E3F GE|F D3B,2|C6|C4||
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X: 3
T: Ur-Chnoc Chein Mhic Cainte
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
A2|d3e d2|c4AF|G E3F2|D4DE|F3G A2|c3d e2|d4c2|
A4A2|d3e d2|c4AF|G E3F2|D4DE|F3G AF|G E3A2|D6|D4AG||
F2A2d2|d3d de|f3e d2|d c3A2|d3e f2|e c3e2|d4c2|
d4A2|d2c2A2|G4B2|B2A2G2|F4DE|F3G AF|G E3A2|D6|D4||
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X: 4
T: Ur-Chnoc Chein Mhic Cainte
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A2|d4 ed|c4 A2|G4 EF|D4 DE|F3G A2|c3d e2|
d4 c2|A4 (3(ABc)|d3e d2|c4 A2|G2E2F2|D4 DE|
F3G AF|G2 E3F|D4 D2|D4 AG||F2A2d2|d4 de|
f4 ed|dc3 A2|d3e f2|e3c e2|d4 c2|d4 (3(ABc)|
d3c AF|G3A B2|B4 AG|F4 D2|F3G AF|GE3 F2|D4 D2|D4||

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I think that we should have all the keys, with the wright name, even when both B flat and G minor have two flats in the key, we know it’s not the same.

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Title translation

Does any one know the literal translation of the title? Is it "The Fair Hill of Killin?" And if so why isn’t Killin in the Title?
This tune is in the Session tunes by G. Cotter and the Whistle and Sing book by E.Jordan. Both published by Ossian. The Cotter version is very similar to what we have here and the Jordan version not so much. The Jordan version does have words in Gaelic or Irish. I have played this one for while and after much sanding and varnishing have become rather fond of it.

Úrchnoc Chéin Mhic Cáinte - Lyrics & translation

Here are the Gaelic lyrics along with the English translation as sung by Aoife Ni Fearraigh
It’s beautifully sung by Aoife on her latest self-titled CD. http://www.aoife.ie/

I should probably defer to someone who knows more, but I think the translation of the title is ‘The Fair Hill of Cian Mac Cainte." The Hill of Killen is where the legendary cave or fort of Mac Cainte is located.

Adding to the discussion

I learned this tune from the Tradtional Tin Whistle Tutor book by G. Cotter. A few of my friends and I have put harmony to it as well and it has been a showpiece for our ceilidh sets for years. I never heard that it had lyrics—most of the people I know who play it are doing well not to butcher the Irish name to say nothing of the lyrics themselves—and am pleased to learn that it does. I’ll be sharing them around—once I find a phonetic transliteration.

Key signature

The sheet music shows the key signature notes as E flat and C flat ? . As we all know , there is no such named note as C flat, its B.. This is very confusing for people who are struggling to learn to read the dots and may not be familiar with all the theory and are trying to.transcribe sheet music ,= to another key or to ABC.. Maybe the error could be fixed?

Beautiful, plaintive, restrained version on the Humours of Lissadel album by Seamus and Manus McGuire.

Re: Ur-Chnoc Chein Mhic Cainte

most definitely one of the classic gems of the genre…thanks, Peadar!