Out Behind The House jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Out Behind The House
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:f2 f faf|d2 d def|g2 g gbg|e2 e efg|
f2 f faf|ded dcB|ABA GFE|D3 D3:|
|:A2 A ABc|ded dcd|e2 e ede|f3 f3|
A2 A ABc|ded dcB|ABA GFE|D3 D3:|

Five comments

Out Behind the House

I’ve been meaning to learn this one for a while but never actually got around to it until now. This setting is reasonably close to a version played by Snotty Var (read: It’s in the same key) who followed it up with a tune called "Up the Southern Shore"… I might get around to transcribing one someday too!

Since I’ve only learned this tune recently I can’t offer a lot of insight into how to ornament it. That said, I like to play crans on the D in the 8th and 16th bars and play short rolls on the first quarter note in each bar (where possible). Anyway, that’s too much reading and not enough playing! Cheers…

Wes Hamlyn

Cross-Channel chance resemblance

The first four bars of this happy ditty remind me of the melancoly strains of Thomas Fersen’s song of 1995: Les Transports en Commun;

(from his album "Coper Coins" (les Ronds de Carotte) you don’t need to understand to appreciate…

Re: Out Behind The House

If anyone wants to transcribe Up the Southern Shore after 14 years, I’ll love to see it.

Been trying to figure out out the song is played for Years. I think it’s originally in Key of E. Might be wrong on that