The Battle Of The Braes barndance

Also known as The MacDonalds Of Portree, The Portree Men, Skye Crofters.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Battle Of The Braes
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
dB|ABde f2ed|efed B2dB|ABde fdaf|e4 e2fg|
a2~a2 f2ed|BcdB A2de|f2af edef|d4 d2:|
fg|a2~a2 fade|fe~e2 f2df|a2~a2 fdaf|e4 e2fg|
a2~a2 f2ed|BcdB A2de|f2af edef|d4 d2fg|
a2~a2 fade|fe~e2 f2df|a2~a2 fdaf|e4 egfe|
defe d3A|BABd A2de|f2af edef|d4 d2|]

Four comments

The Battle of the Braes

This is one of lovely tunes recorded on Iain MacDonald and Iain MacFarlane’s duet album. I didn’t know much about it, but a bit of research shows it seems a melody taken from the song of the same name: It’s a very lighthearted tune to commemorate a bloody event, just like the Kinnegad Slashers.

The Portree Men

This tune is found in Highland Bagpipe collections and attributed to Ronald MacKenzie. ‘The Battle of the Braes’ was a sort of riot which occurred south of Portree when around fifty policemen were sent in to evict crofters from Braes but were met by a barrage of stones thrown by the local women (the men being more afraid of the consequences of defying authority); they broke but reformed and attacked the ladies with truncheons, resulting in several bloody heads. The eventual outcome was a national scandal which halted the evictions.

Billy Pigg’s tune is not the same as the Scottish 2/4 march. It is a 6/8 march that is a very close relation to "Dr. Bett’s Supper", Henderson, 1895, p. 9. The original "Skye Crofters" was published in the same book.