Three recordings of
The Kesh
Tobin’s Favourite

The Kesh (jig) is also known as Castle, The Castle, Kerrigan’s, The Kesh Mountain, The Kincora, The Mountaineers’ March.

Tobin’s Favourite (jig) is also known as Gus Tierney’s, Tobin’s, Tobin’s Fancy, Tobin’s Favorite.

Just Me And A Fiddle by Wayne Cantwell

  1. Tobin’s
  2. The Kesh
  3. Morrison’s

Live at the Snug by The Snug Session

  1. Tobin’s Favourite
  2. Out On The Ocean
  3. The Kesh

Storm Sessions by Maggie McKaig and Luke Wilson

  1. The Kesh
  2. Tobin’s Favorite
  3. Myra’s