Six Twenty Twostep jig

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Six Twenty Twostep
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
c2A F2e|d2c B2c|ded cBA|(G3 G2)|]
A[|A2B B2A|Afd A2A|A2f fef|(g3 g2)A|
A2[ce] [c2e2][Bd]|[B2d2][Bd] [A3c3]|ced c2B|B2_B A2A|
A2B B2A|Afd A2f|a2f dc=c|(B3 B2)B|
B2g g2B|A2f fed|cBA GFE|(D3 D2)z|]
[|E3 B,3|C3 E3|A2G G2^F|(G3 G3)|
E3 B,3|C2E A2G|(G3 G3)|(B,3 B,2)C|
D3 ^C3|D2E F2E|D2D ^CDE|(D3 D3)|
D2^D E2F|^F2c B2A|G2G AG^F|(G3 G3)|
E3 B,3|C3 E3|A2G G2^F|(G3 G3)|
e3 c3|G3 E3|B2A A2^G|(A3 A) de|
f2e d2^c|d3 G3|e2d cBA|(G3 G3)|
A2c cBA|G2e edc|BAG FED| (C3 C3)|]
X: 2
T: Six Twenty Twostep
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
V:1 gchord=down
D3[|"G"G2G "D"FGA|"G"G2G "(D)"G2D|"G"B2B "D"ABc|"G"B3B2"(B)"B|"C"c2c "D"A2c|"G"B2B "(B)"G2B|"Am(C)"ABA "A(C#)"GFE|"D"D3 "D"d3|
"G"G2G "D"FGA|"G"G2G "(D)"G2D|"G"B2B "D"ABc|"G"B3B2"Em"B|"C"c2A "D"F2e|"G"d2c "B"B2d|"C"ded "D"cBA|"G/"G z2|]
"A7"A3[|"D"A2B "A"B2A|"D"Afd "A"A2A|"D"A2f "A"fef|"A(E)"(g3 g2)"(A)"A|"A(E)"A2c "(A)"c2 B|"A(E)"B2 A "(A)"A2A|"A(E)"ded "(A)"c2B|"D"B2_B "(A)"A2A|
"D"A2=B "(A)"B2A|"D"Afd "(A)"A2A|"D"a2d "(F#)"d2c|"G"(B3 "(D)"B2)B|"G"B2g "(D)"g2B|"D(F#)"A2f "(D)"f2d|"A"c2A "(A)"ABc|"D/"dz2|]
"D7"D3[|"G"G2G "D"FGA|"G"G2G "(D)"G2D|"G"B2B "D"ABc|"G"B3B2"Em"B|"C"c2A "D"F2e|"G"d2c "B"B2d|"C"ded "D"cBA|"G/"G z2|]
[|"G7"=F3|"C"E3 "(G)"B,3|"C"C3 "(G)"E3|"C"A2G "(G)"G2^F|"C"G3-"(G)"G3|"C"E3 B,3|"C"C2E A2G|G3-G3|B,3-B,2C|
"Dm"D3 "A"^C3|"Dm"D2A, "(A)"F2E|"Dm"D2D "A"^CDE|"Dm"D3-"(C)"D3|"G(B)"D2^D "(G)"E2F|"D"^F2c "(F#)"B2A|"G"G2G "D7"AG^F|"G"(G3 "G7"G3)|
"C"E3 "(G)"B,3|"C"C3 "(G)"E3|"C"A2G "(G)"G2^F|"C"(G3 "(G)"G3)|"C"e3 "B"c3|"Am"G3 "G"E3|"F"B2A "(C)"A2^G|"F"(A3 "(E)"A3) |
"Dm"f2e "(F)"d2^c|"G"d3 "G7"G3|"C"e2d "(G)"cBA|"C"G3 "(E)"G2^G |"F"A2c "(C)"cBA|"C(E)"G2e "(C)"edc|"G"BAG "G7"FED| "C/"C z2|]
"D7"D3[|"G"G2G "D"FGA|"G"G2G "(D)"G2D|"G"B2B "D"ABc|"G"B3B2"Em"B|"C"c2A "D"F2e|"G"d2c "B"B2d|"C"ded "D"cBA|"G/"G z2|]

Eight comments

Six Twenty Twostep

Used to introduce the Scottish TV programme at 6.20 pm with a clip of a steam train. I suspect it is by Jimmy Shand.

Six Twenty Two Step

I have a photo copy of the sheet music for this, published by Mozart Allan, Glasgow, copyright 1960, and the cover does say it’s composed by Jimmy Shand, arranged by Ian MacLeish for piano & piano accordion :>) . It’s billed as The White Heather Club Signature Tune, and Scottish country dancers do the White Heather Jig to it. I used to know about the White Heather Club but it’s been lost in the fog of memory. Kenny? Ceolachan?


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Suggested playing order.

This is a tune which we are "obliged" to play in Strathspey and Reel gatherings. Normally, it is in the order
ABACA or similar.

Yes, it is a Jimmy Shand tune. Jimmy actually composed some very good tunes in his time as did Bobby McLeod, Ian Powrie and a lot of these old timers, even although they may have had a "tartan image".

What can I say about The White Heather Club? There was actually a lot of good stuff on it but the presentation was really naff and "tartanised". Many of the traditional songs were performed "operatic style"? and generally by singers with trained voices. The dancers were also highly trained and regimented—not like your average ceilidh at all. The "tunes" were performed in the Scottish county dance style. Good musicians but the presentation was wrong too. Mind you, this music was "of its time".
Andy Stewart himself wasn’t too bad at singing bothy ballads but tended to concentrate on more corny sentimental material. He fancied himself as a modern day Harry Lauder, I think.

There was some early "folk" music from the likes of Joe Gordon’s Folk Four, Robin Hall and Jimmy McGregor, and (later) The Corries. Some of it was quite good but they were "obliged" to sing a lot of rubbish as well. It was just what was expected back then!

Jimmy Shand and Iain Powrie used to appear regularly. Again, whatever you think of their performances on the WHC, they were great musicians and composers. There’s a great Iain Powrie tune on this site, for instance.

Theme tune

Yes, it was the theme tune for a while but they used others.
"Come in, come in. It’s nice to see you….."
was particularly naff!

Two Steps

Yes, we normally play twosteps as ABACA just to pad them out a bit.
On the subject of two steps, one of you might know, we play 3 parts to "Looking for a partner", does anyone know the 4th part - I have been looking for it for ages?

Looking for a partner

I have a copy of that one too but it’s only 3 parts and we play it ABACA as well. I’ve never known a fourth part.

Six twenty two step

Finally got around to checking, and my copies of the sheet music for both this and Looking for a Partner have 3 parts, as Trevor’s do. We do a set for Scottish country dancing with Household Brigade and Looking for a Partner that we call our Circus Set 🙂 Looking for a Partner is also one of the tunes on a recording for a dance called Arnold’s Circle that we do at international folkdancing.


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Six Twenty Twostep, X:2

This is an arrangement for the 40 bar White Heather Jig, with chords from the Cameron Music Ensemble (Cam 4, 75-76, Forest Hills, NY)