Peter MacKinnon Of Skeabost reel

Also known as Peter McKinnon Of Skeabost.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Peter MacKinnon Of Skeabost
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
B2cB BfB2|feef a3e|f2ef fce2|fccB A2(3cBA|
B2cB BfB2|feef a3e|faaf a2ca|feac (3BBB B2:|
feef a3e|f2ef fce2|fccf e2cB|(3AAA Af ecBA|
feef a3e|f2ef fce2|faaf a2ca|feac (3BBB B2:|
B2fe efB2|feef e3e|fccB (3AAA Ac|Aeef ecBA|
B2fe efB2|feef e3e|faaf a2ca|feac (3BBB B2:|
faac (3BBB Be|fefa f2ec|ecef cAAB|ceef ecBA|
faac (3BBB Be|fefa f2fe|faaf a2ca|feac (3BBB B2:|

Four comments

A great B min scottish pipe tune. This is from JC’s with a few minor changes to the abc’s.

On fiddle it’s nice if you slide up to that high a2 towards the end. Also (in my humble opinion) this tune benefits from being played pretty slowly - almost like a slow reel but not quite that slow.

This is on Blazin’ Fiddle’s first album and there is a great tune "Bonnie Mulligan" that comes after this tune. I will try and post that soon.




Love this tune, a lot!

Re: Peter MacKinnon Of Skeabost

Written by Dr. John MacAskill, writer of the more famous tune Lexy MacAskill.