Nine recordings of The Blue Ribbon

Also known as Blue Riband, The Blue Riband, The Blue Ribbon #2, The Blue Ribbon Polka No. 1, The Blue Ribbon Polkas No. 2, The Blue Ribbon, Maurice O’Keefe’s, Maurice O’Keefe’s No. 1.

This tune has been recorded together with The Blue Ribbon (a few times), Maurice O’Keefe’s (a few times), The Barren Rocks Of Aden, Bill The Weaver’s, Blue Ribbon, Denis Murphy’s, I Will If I Can, The Merry Girl, The Weaver’s Delight.

  1. @Home Alone by John Lavelle
  2. Echoes Of Sliabh Luachra by Billy Clifford
  3. In The Smoke by Various Artists
  4. Johnny O’Leary Of Sliabh Luachra by Johnny O’Leary
  5. Made In Cork by Patrick Street
  6. Phoenix by Any Old Time
  7. The Cat’s Rambles by Michael Sheehy
  8. The Humours Of Lisheen by John And Julia Clifford
  9. Traditional Music From The Kingdom Of Kerry by Jimmy Doyle & Dan O’Leary