The Twilight Zone reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Twilight Zone
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
DG (3GGG BAGF|EC (3CCC CB,G,A,|~B,2 B,A, B,CDD|1 DGGF G2 FE:|2 DGGF G2 fe||
dG (3GGG FGAc|dG (3GGG fedc|dG (3GGG GFDE|~F3 E FGAc|
dG (3GGG FGAc|(3ddd dc defg|(3aaa ag (3fff ed|1 cAGF E2 fe:|2 cAGF E2 ||

Eleven comments

One of mine.I used to read Superman comics when I was a lot younger than of even date.


I like this tune, it’s got some good twists to it. I hate sounding geeky but isn’t this tune in G dorian thingy?
Nice composition, I’ll have try my hand at abc one of these days and submit a toon or two of my own!

Cheers, Matt

It might be in G dorian.I’m not too well up on these things,but it sounds the same in D minor.

I’d call it G Dorian, David—same key signature, but this tune clearly wants to resolve to G.

And a good tune it is, too.

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Thank you

thanks, its a lovely tune- not what i expected from the title- I’m american, raised up in the 1950s to black and white television and of course, Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone- your tune isn’t quite as shiver-y as that show was to a seven year old staying up late home alone, but its a good tune nevertheless!

I’d forgotten all about The Twighlight Zone,it used to scare the life out of me.



Actually, I think it’s G mixolydian. Mixolydian I believe is where you have a Minor key with the 6th raised, whereas, Dorian is the Major with the 7th lowered.

No, you got them the wrong way round. Google it to check.