The House reel

Also known as Little Katie Taylor.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The House
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
DFAF GFEG|FDFA dfef|geag fdd=c|AG~G2 EFGE|
DFAF GFEG|FDFA dfef|geag fddf|1eddc dBAF:|2eddc d3e||
f2af g2ag|fgaf geag|fd=cA BG~G2|ABcA dcde|
f2af g2ag|fgaf geag|fd=cA BG~G2|1ABcA dcde:|2ABcA dBAF||

Four comments

Source: Erne by Jim McGrath, Cathal Hayden, Gerry O’Donnell, Tommy O’Sullivan
Transcription: gian marco pietrasanta

Little Katie Taylor’s

That’s one of the all-time great threads where this tune starts out as a mystery tune, but after a long debate that goes in several directions — the namesake of the tune, (and daughter of the composer,) comes in and clears things up once and for all.

And don’t you just love a happy ending ? Dafydd’s right - this is "Little Katie Taylor".

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