Forty-nine recordings of Sweeney’s Buttermilk

Also known as Bláṫaċ Ṡuiḃne, Buttermilk Mary, Charlie Lennon’s, Charlie Lennon’s #2, Charlie’s Buttermilk Mary, McGlinchey’s, Sweeney’s Buttermilk Mary, Sweeny’s Buttermilk.

This tune has been recorded together with Splendid Isolation (lots of times), McGlinchey’s (a few times), Miss Shepherd (a few times), The Silver Spear (a few times), The Chicago (a few times), Farewell To Connaught (a few times), Jenny’s Chickens (a few times), Sporting Paddy (a few times), Ambrose Moloney’s, Beare Island, The Beech Tree, The Belharbour, The Boyne Hunt, The Brown-Sailed Boat, The Bucks Of Oranmore, The Bunny’s Hat, Cal Callaghan’s, The Cape Breton Fiddlers’ Society’s Welcome To The Shetland Islands, The Convenience, The Culfadda, Far Away, The Fisherman’s Island, The Flogging, The Flower Of The Flock, Forget Me Not, The Fox On The Town, The Galtee Rangers, The Gravel Walks, The High Road To Linton, The Holy Land, The Home Ruler, The Ivy Leaf, The Lively Wagtail, Maghera Mountain, The Maid Of Mount Kisco, Master Crowley’s, Matt Peoples’, McDonagh’s, McKendrick’s, Mick O’Connor’s, Mike Flanagan’s, Miss McGuinness, Miss Sarah Drummond Of Perth, The Morning Dew, Mulhaire’s, The Musical Priest, Pretty Peg, Reavy’s, Saint Ruth’s Bush, The Ships Are Sailing, Teahan’s Favourite, Tuttle’s, The Twelve Pins, Up In The Air, Victoria Valse, Waukglen.

  1. "And With That…." by Fitzsimons Traditional Irish Music
  2. "Gort Tape" CD 2 of 2 by Various Artists
  3. Atlantic Breeze by Shaskeen
  4. BANJO’ista by Theresa O’Grady
  5. Beneath the Hedgerow by Cli Donnellan
  6. Between Two Cities by Forkroot
  7. Beyond by Talisk
  8. Beyond The Bellows and The Bow by The Queally Sisters
  9. Boil The Breakfast Early by The Chieftains
  10. Boxed by Anders Trabjerg
  11. Breaking Trad by Breaking Trad
  12. Celtic Fiddle by Jeremy Kittel
  13. Celtic Fiddle Festival: Encore by Johnny Cunningham, Kevin Burke, Christian lemaitre, Soig Siberil
  14. Debbie Scott by Debbie Scott
  15. Drops Of Spring Water by Comhaltas Concert Tour 2004
  16. Duo by Sally Simpson & Catriona Hawksworth
  17. Echoes Of Erin by Comhaltas Tour Group 1984
  18. Feel The Bow by Aidan Burke
  19. Footprints by No I.D.
  20. Get Out by Capercaillie
  21. Golden, Golden by Silly Wizard
  22. Grace and Pride - The Anthology 2004-1984 - Disc 2 by Capercaillie
  23. Graham Wells & David Clark by Graham Wells & David Clark
  24. Iona by Iona
  25. Irish Grace Notes by Ailbe Grace
  26. Jody’s Heaven by Jody’s Heaven
  27. Keep ‘er Lit by Micheál Ó Dhomhnaill
  28. Live - Again by Silly Wizard
  29. Live Wizardry by Silly Wizard
  30. Musici Mosaici by Folkamiseria
  31. Natural Progression by Trio Gan Ainm
  32. Northern Lights by Kevin And Seamus Glackin
  33. Right On Time - Irish Dance Music by Niall Mulligan
  34. rooiboos e disappunti by Fimm
  35. Round The Bend by Glen Road
  36. Six Shades of Green by Poisoned Dwarf
  37. So Many Partings by Silly Wizard
  38. Sound & Fury by Spencer Murray & Pipeslinger
  39. Storm Sessions by Maggie McKaig and Luke Wilson
  40. Sully’s Fancy by Tony Sullivan
  41. Sweeney’s Dream by Kevin Burke
  42. The Beauties Of Autumn by The Longridge Ceili Band
  43. The Blue-eyed Rascal by Siún
  44. The Boys From The Blue Hill by Vinnie Kilduff
  45. The Maple Leaf by Jimmy Noonan, Michael Shorrock, Chris Mc Grath & Ted Davis
  46. The New Land by Touchstone
  47. The Winding Stair by The Here & Now
  48. Traditional Irish Music On Flute And Guitar by Jack And Jimmy Coen
  49. When The Tide Is Out by Noel Bermingham