Miss Rowan Davies waltz

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Three settings

X: 1
T: Miss Rowan Davies
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:"G"BA | G4 D2 |"D/F#" D3 E F2 | "Em"(G6 | G2) g2 f2 |"C" e3 G G2 |"G" d3 G B2 |"Am" A4B/A/G/A/ | "D" B3A3 |
"G"G4 D2 |"D/F#" D3 E F2 |"Em" (G6 | G3) A BG |"C" E c3 cA |"D" F4 FG |"G" ((G6 |[1 G4):|[2 G4 GF||
|:"Cadd9"E3 F E2 | e3 G G2 | "G"(d6 | d4) BA | "Em" G3 A B2 |"C" d G3 A2 | "G"B6 | B2 c2 d2 |
"C"e3 E G2 |"D" F3 G AF |"G" G3 A GF | "Em"G3 A BG |"C" E c3 cA | "D"F4 FG |[1 "G"G4 GF :|[2 "G" G6 ||
X: 2
T: Miss Rowan Davies
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:BA | G2 GA D2 | D3 E F2 | G6 | G2 Gg gf |
e2 ef ge | d2 dG B2 | A4 B/A/G/A/ | B4 A2 |
G2 GA D2 | D3 E F2 | G6 | G2 GA BG|
Ec c2 A2|F2 FG AF|G6|1 G6:|2 G4 GF||
|:E2 EF E2 |e2 ef ge | d6 | d2 dB BA |
G2 GA Bd | e2 G2 GA | B6 | B2 c2 d2 |
e4 EG | F2 FG AF | G2 GB AG/F/ | G2 GA BG |
Ec c2 A2 | F2 FG AF| G6 |1 G4 GF :|2 G4 z2|
# Added by JACKB .
X: 3
T: Miss Rowan Davies
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
BA|"G" G4 D2|"D" D3 E F2|"Em" G6-|"Bm" G2 g3 f|"C" e3 G G2|"G" d3 G B2|"Am" A6|"D" B4 A2|
"G" G4 D2|"D" D3 E F2|"Em" G6-|"Bm" G3 A BG|"Am" Ec- c2 A2|"D7" F4 G2|"G" G6-|G4:|]
[|:GF|"C" E3 E E2|"Am" e3 G G2|"Bm" d6-|"Em" d4 BA|"C" G3 A B2|"Am" e2 G3 A|"G" B6-|"Bm" B2 c2 dg|
"C" e4 EG|"D7" F3 G AF|"G" G6-|"Em" G3 A BG|"Am" Ec- c2 A2|"D7" F4 G2|"G" G6-|G4:|]

Twelve comments

Miss Rowan Davies

A lovely waltz by Phil Cunningham. I’m surprised it hasn’t been put on The Session before now.

Great tune

This is how Phil Cunningham plays it on Airs and Graces. For a different version on the pipes, listen to the Boys of the Lough version.

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Miss Rowan Davies

Perhaps this has already been mentioned somewhere, but Phil Cunningham wrote it to honor the birth of his daughter.

You sure about that ?

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A story I heard was that he auctioned the right to name this tune to the highest bidder, at a concert: the highest bidder duly paid up and named the tune after his own daughter. But I am in no position to know which of the naming stories is true.


I am , and that story is rubbish. Rowan is Phil’s step-daughter.

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well my cousins name is Rowan Davies… but she has nothing to do with the naming of the tune =D

I noticed a few wrong notes as I was playing through and I also discovered that it’s a great tune to play in 3rd position on the fiddle


Since playing the tune in various seshes around fests during the summer, its been pointed out to me how much the melody resembles a traditional Japanese folk song called ‘Furusato’ or ‘My Hometown’

A nice instrumental interpretation here:



I’ve been looking for the dots for Furusato but can’t locate a site - anyone help?

Many apologies to all!

I’ve posted this in error, its not Miss Rowan Davies which bears a similarity to Furusato.

I should’ve posted elsewhere that its actually Michael Turners Waltz which is similar.

Miss Rowan Davies, X:3

Picked this one up from a friend recently. Lovely tune. I can’t vouch for the chords in this transcription, but I think it’s a more accurate transcription of the melody with the correct bar counts (no extraneous rests or 1st/2nd time bars etc.).

Re: Miss Rowan Davies

Chords on recording on "Airs & Graces" are: