Jim And Sylvia Barnes reel

By Jennifer Wrigley

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Jim and Sylvia Barnes (reel)

This is a slow reel penned by Jennifer Wrigley. Simple but beautiful.

Though it’s not entirely impossible to play this tune on the flute,
you can’t actually play the first part as written on the flute. I’ll post a flute version tomorrow.

Jim & Sylvia

and 2 great people, and musicians, too. Jim, [RIP ], tragically, died last year, and Sylvia I heard has moved back to Scotland and is still singing. Both of them played with the Glasgow band “Kentigern” in the early 80s, and Sylvia was a member of “Battlefield Band” for a short time. They were also part of a trio called “Scotch Measure” who recorded 1 album. Sylvia’s version of “The Handloom Weaver And The Factory Maid” on that recording is one of my favourites of all time.

I tried to invent some variation on the first part for the flute and found the original setting works best. The notes below D are played one octave higher on the flute, but don’t sound particularly odd. Hope Jennifer will write more flute-friendly tunes.

I forgot to add this tune goes nicely with Martin Wynne’s No.1.