Life Ain’t So Bad reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Life Ain't So Bad
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|:aa2e fedf|e=c>cc BAGB|AE E2 ABcA|Bcdc defg|
aa2e fedf|e=c>cc BAGB|AE E2 ABcA|BAGB A(efg):|
|:d3 b c3 A|BE E(cut) AB=c>c|d3 b c3 A|BAGB AB=c>c|
d2 dB c2 cA|BE E(cut) AB=c>c|dcdB c=c>cA|BAGB A2z2:|
|:E3 G BdcB|Acf=f ecBA|E3 G BdcB|Aaec dcBA|
E3 G BdcB|Acf=f ecBA|E3 G BdcB|Acde fefg:|

Five comments

a tune with some clever chromaticism …
does anyone have suggestions on how to relate 1st, 2nd endings and ornamentation in ABC format?

Chords run like this:
||:A D/A | A D | A | D E7| A D/A | A D | A | E7 A:||
||: D | E | D A/C# | Bm7 E7| D | A/C# | Bm7 | Bm7 E:||
||: E7 | F#m | E7 | A D | E7 | F#m Dmaj7 | E7 | D E:||

1st and 2nd endings goes like this:
|: … |1 (first ending) :|2 (second ending) ||

or like:
|: … | [1 (first ending) :| [2 (second ending) ||

Ornamentation can be done in various ways… Cuts/taps can be written with grace notes like {d}B or {A}B, rolls are usually written with a ~, ~d3.

(Ornamentation in ABC should of course just be seen as suggestions…)

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A question for D Palmer: Where there are C naturals, are all the subsequent Cs in the bar supposed to be natural as well, or did you accidentally omit to ‘re-sharpen’ them afterwards.

… Sorry, I acidentally omitted a ‘?’ at the end of my question.

Accidental accident (!)

The subsequent ‘c’s are indeed sharps which didn’t survive my first attempt at ABC format. Now I know where on the keyboard ^ lives, and future submissions shall be better for that knowledge!