George Rowley’s hornpipe

Also known as Cornphíopa Sheoirse Uí Roghallaigh, George O’Reilly’s, George Rawley’s, George Rowley’s Blackbird, O’Reilly’s, Rowley’s, Sheoirse Ui Roghallaigh.

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Four settings

X: 1
T: George Rowley's
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
ed|cdBc ABcd|e3A A2ed|cdBc ABcA|B3G G2ed|
cdBc A3A|BcBc de3|fgfg fage|dcA2 A2||
eg|ageg aged|c2A2 A2fg|fgfg edcb|G2G3 efg|
ageg aged|cBcd e3|fgfg fage|dca2 a4||
X: 2
T: George Rowley's
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
|:e>d|c2 B>c A>Bc>d|e2 A2 A2 e>d|c>dB>c A>B (3cBA|B2 G>F G2 e>d|
c>dB>c A2 A>B|c2 (3Bcd e2- e>f|g>f (3gfe a>ge>d|c2 A2 A2:|
|:(3ef^g|a>ge>g a>ge>d|(3cdc (3BcB A2 (3def|g>fg>a g>ed>c|B2 G2 G2 (3ef^g|
a>ge>g a2 e>d|c>Bc>d e2- e>f|g2 g>e a>ge>d|c2 A2 A2:|
X: 3
T: George Rowley's
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
|:e>d|c>dB>c A>Bc>d|e2 A2 A2 (3fed|c2 B>c A2 (3cBA|B2 G2 G2- G>d|
(3cdc B>c A2- A>B|c>Bc>d e2- e>f|g>fg>e a>ge>d|c2 A2 A2:|
|:z>e|(3aba (3efg a>ge>d|c2 A2 A2- A>e|g>fg>a g>ed>c|B2 G2 G2 (3efg|
a>ge>g a>ge>d|c>Bc>d e2- e>f|g2 (3gfe a<ge>d|c2 A2 A2:|
X: 4
T: George Rowley's
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
ed|:cdBc ABcd|e2 A2 A2 ed|cdBc ABcA|B2 G2 G2 ed|
cdBc A3B|cBcd e3f|gfge aged|c2 A2 A2:|
(3efg|:ageg aged|c2 A2 A3e|gfga gedc|B2 G2 G2 (3efg|
ageg aged|cBcd e3f|gfge aged|c2 A2 A2:|
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Twenty comments

found this tune on a junior cert music cd and learned it, i like it but no one else i know has heard it

George O’Reilly’s

Some similarities to the ‘Rights of man’. There is another bell ringing which could not identify yet…


some of the notes were high instead of low, i have changed them, sorry, i’m new

“George Rowley’s”

Another grand tune I’ve enjoyed and hope others will too…

“Ceol Rince na hÉireann I, II, III, IV, V”

Breandán Breathnach ~ credit due!!!
Publisher: An Gúm Dublin

CRE I ~ ISBN: 1-85791-039-7

CRE II ~ ISBN: 1-85791-006-0
CRE III ~ ISBN: 1-85791-040-0
CRE IV ~ ISBN: 1-85791-143-1
CRE V ~ ISBN: 1-85791-278-0

isn’t there an abc version CRE on the net,too?

Breatnach collected this hornpipe from the fiddler George Rowley and named it after him, so it’s a kind of Gan Ainm 😉
Somehow the tune rings a bell, but a short web research only gave me the infromation he is a Leitrim Fiddler

“Ceol Rince na hÉireann” & familiar like an old pair of jeans ~

Yes Swiss, on both counts ~ CRE is in ABCs on the web and this is very familiar to me before the naming by Breandan, but if I can avoid another ‘gan ainm’, I do my best. I have a sneaking suspicion I’ve seen it in one of the massive American tune collections…possibly Cole’s / Ryan’s ~ sadly neither of which I had on hand to check… Like you I also tried a number of measures and ways to see if I could pull it out of the massive stock of ABCs on the Internet, but Rowley’s is all I came up with…

I love the hornpipe resolutions for phrases at bars 2, 4 and 8 in both parts, and I have fun with it…

😉 hmmmm?!

I’ve just thought of a couple of places I hadn’t checked yet ~ watch this space… Though likely someone will beat me to it…

Though you will know my support and promotional instincts are for any printed efforts with regards to our shared passion ~ besides, having the book in hand is much nicer than reading it as ABCs off a screen…though a few have ended up afloat in the tub with me snoring away ~ or stained with tea or coffee… I don’t remember that double stop being there… 🙁

I totally agree, I’m a proud owner of all the CRE books and maybe another meter of tune and song books!
Some people might not have the chance or the money so they will love the online resources….

Or it will drive in the direction of purchasing a copy for themselves… 🙂

George Rowley is (was) my grandfather, although he was dead before i was born.. Lovely to see this tune posted here, I was in the ITMA on Merrion Sq today listening to old recordings of him, its a really great place if anyone’s around the area.. apparently he based this tune on The Blackbird. Thanks a lot Ceolachan.

“George Rowley’s Blackbird”

faerierade ~ thanks for the lovely email and heads up, appreciated. I wish I had access to the recordings there, I’d love to have transcribed it direct from his playing of it. I hope you’ll accept this further appreciation, something of what you’d raised a smile with this evening ~

“Hi ~ Just in response to a tune you posted here (George Rowley’s Hornpipe).. That’s the correct name on the tune alright, although it’s sometimes called “George Rowley’s Blackbird” because he based the tune on the slow air as far as I’m aware. I heard it being played at the Cobblestone in Dublin by a fella from Sligo and was amazed when he told me the name he had on it (George Rowley was my grandfather). He was a fiddle player from Leitrim originally but played most of his music in Church St in Dublin while he was living in Cabra.. Unfortunately he put his fiddle down just before a lot of the collecting and recording took place, but he played regularly with Leo Rowsome. I’d just be interested as to where you heard the tune ~ ?” ~ faerierade

‘c’ ~ It was most likely Dublin, and I frequented a number of sessions. I was playing or dancing most nights, when I wasn’t doing a 24 hour shift. In exchange for some of those I got long periods of free time to wander the country. I suspect I got this one from the small weekly gathering that included Paddy Bawn O’Brien & Sean Potts. We played a great balance of tunes that weren’t swamped with reel after reel, and we played some ‘local’ compositions there too. We got through a fair share of hornpipes, slip jigs, single jigs ~ and other non-reel pleasures. We enjoyed making it reel too… I was and am fond of this particular hornpipe. It fits my mind and spirit nicely…