Janine’s Shell hornpipe

By Gina Le Faux

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One setting

X: 1
T: Janine's Shell
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
|:C>DE>G c2 B>c|d>cB>c D>EF>D|
C>DE>G c2 d>c|(3BcB (3ABA (3 GAG (3FED|
C>DE>G c2 B>c|d>cB>c D>EF>D|
C>DE>G c>GE>G|1 F>DC>B, C2 E>D:|2 F>DC>B, C3 D||
|:E>GA>B (3AAA A>c|B>cd>e f>ed>c|
E>GA>B (3AAA Ac|B>AG>B A2 A>G|
E>GA>B (3AAA A>c|B>cd>e f>ed>c|
E>GA>B (3AAA A>c|1 B>AG>B A2 E>D:|2 B>AG>B A2 E>D||

Six comments

Janine’s Shell.

By Jim Sutherland, I think. Janine was a very fine singer who lived in Edinburgh in the early 80s. The “Shell” in the title I seem to remember referred to an ear-ring.

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Janine’s Reel by Jim Sutherland- a different tune

Actually, the tune Janine’s Shell was composed by George Faux who was the fiddler in Hom Bru at the time. He replaced Davy Tulloch and played with the band prior to them returning to Shetland. George later joined Shegui.

Jim Sutherland’s tune, which I believe is about the same person, is called Janine’s Reel and can be found on the first Easy Club album.

I’ll try and post it tomorrow.

1-0 to Edinburgh

You’re quite right JohnJ. Can’t win ’em all!

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I thought it from George Faux too,but I wasn’t sure.

Janines Shell

Janine’s Shell was written for Janine Wells and was not written by Jim Sutherland.