Three recordings of
Coen’s Memories
Farewell To Milltown

Coen’s Memories (reel) is also known as The Cottage In The Glen, Cottage In The Grove, The Cottage In The Grove, The Crosses Of Annagh, Jack Doyle’s Favourite, Joe Bane’s, Paddy Canny’s, Pink Bog, Tommy Coen’s, Tommy Coen’s Memories.

Farewell To Milltown (reel) is also known as Bobby Casey’s Number Two, Fairwell To Miltown Malbay, Farewell To Milltown Malbay, Farewell To Miltown, Farewell To Miltown Malbay, Micky Fearon’s.

"Gort Tape" CD 2 of 2 by Various Artists

  1. Farewell To Milltown
  2. Old Road To Garry
  3. Coen’s Memories

Collaborations by Mark Lysaght

  1. Farewell To Miltown Malbay
  2. Coen’s Memories

The Cat That Ate The Candle by John Carty And Brian McGrath

  1. The Cottage In The Grove
  2. Farewell To Miltown