Johnny Muise’s reel

By Jerry Holland

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One setting

X: 1
T: Johnny Muise's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
eccB ~c2AB|~c2Bc BAFE|AE~E2 ABce|dfaf edcd|
eccB ~c2AB|~c2Bc BAFE|AE~E2 ABcA|1 BABc A afa:|2 BABc A2 cd||
eaa^g ~a2ga|ba^ga fecd|ec~c2 acec|fedc B2cd|
eaa^g ~a2ga|ba^ga fecd|ec~c2 acec|1 BABc A2 cd:|2 BABc A afa||

Seven comments

Shannon Sisters

I transcribed this tune from an RTE radio program that aired in the early 90s. It was played by Sharon Shannon and her sister Mary — both on fiddles. Eoin O’Neill was backing them on bouzouki, and it’s lovely playing from all three — naturally. Of course they provided no name for it or the one preceding it that I found out later is called ‘The Union Street Session reel,’ but if anyone recognizes this tune please let me know what the title is.

This tune sounds very familiar to me, especially the second part. It can be a Cape Breton tune.

Dont think I know the tune Jack, but why the accidentals (g#) in the B part when you have notated in A with 3 #’s. Someone has to nitpick 🙂

Thanks, siante, that looks like it. Is the B part like it as well?

Well, Donough… I noticed I did that after posting it. I think I put them in because I have to reach that button on my concertina to play in A. If I played a brit-box instead of this Anglo I suppose it would be easier. 😉

I was pretty sure I heard this tune played by a solo fiddle on a CD. I don’t have many recordings of a solo fiddle, so it didn’t take me long to find out who plays it. It’s in the set of 11 reels Kinnon Beaton plays on "The Heart of Cape Breton" CD. A different transcription of the tune can be found in JC’s tune finder.

By the way, Sharon Shannon almost always plays Scottish or Cape Breton tunes on the fiddle. On "The Diamond Mountain Sessions" you can listen to Shannon Sisters and Kane Sisters playing Scott Skinner tunes together, along with Sean Smyth and Jesse Smith.