King George strathspey

Also known as King George (V), King George V, Old King George V, The Old King George, The Old Kings.

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One setting

X: 1
T: King George
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
F|E<A,E>D E<A,A,>B,|C>ED>C B,<G,G,>F|
E<A,E>D EA,A,>C|B,>G, (3B,CD E<A,A,>F|
E<A,E>D E<A,A,>B,|C>ED>C B,<A,A,<B,|
A,>B,C>D E>DE<G|B,>G, (3B,CD E<A,A,>g||
f<de>B c>BA>a|g>ed<g B<GG>g|
f<de>B c>AB>G|A<aa>g a>ge>g|
f<de>B c>de>a|g>ed<g B<GG>A|
E>A A/A/A/ c>AB>G|A>g g/g/g/ a<AA2||
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I’m not sure if this tune is already here or not, but I learned it from Natalie MacMaster at a fiddle camp 2 years ago. It’s also on her ‘compilation’ album. She plays it in a knockout set of a march, 3 strathspeys, and 4 reels. Brilliant.

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Yeah, I know that tune.

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The two tunes have a very similar chord progression

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