Janine’s reel

By Jim Sutherland

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One setting

X: 1
T: Janine's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmin
|:GABd gabg|f2 df cAFA|GABc d2 ^cd|D2 ED D2 ^FD|
GABd gabg|f2 df cAFA|GFDC B,CA,B,|G,GG^F G4:|

Thirteen comments

Jim Sutherland composition

This is the Jim Sutherland tune which is also dedicated to the one time Edinburgh singer Janine Wells and can be heard on the first Easy Club album where it is played along with the Easy Club Reel.

This is the actual transcribed version but it still appears to be just the “bare bones”. I’ve been listening to the album this morning and there seems to be a lot more going on there, i.e scope for a few triplets etc and , of course, a very definite “swing” feel as you would have expected from The Easy Club boys.

Sheet music

I’ve noticed Jeremy hasn’t put up sheet music for this one yet. In case, he(or you) are worried about my comments, this *is* the correct written version. However, I’m just emphasising that musicians(even The Easy Club themselves) will not necessarily play it this way.
Like all the tunes here, it’s often a case of listening to them being played in different situations before you can do them justice yourself.


Hey John J, terrific tune. I too spent hours listening to the Easy Club’s recording trying to distill the melody from the overseasoned soup of their brilliant arrangement. I just have a couple of quibbles:
In bar 1, I hear “GFD=E”
bar 3 should be “D^FGA”
bar 5 should be “d=BcA”
This is all humbly submitted and of course I could be wrong so please don’t take offense.
Anyway, I love this tune, thanks for posting it.

Re Janine’s

Hi Patrick,
You are probably correct and, as I say, they appear to play it a bit differently on the album. However, this is the official version as opposed to how I would hear it on the album or as played in a session. I *do* realise that I should be transcribing it from the latter situation and I’ve been cheating a bit. 😉

Re Janines Reel

Hi It’s Jim Sutherland here.

I was delighted to happem accross this string about my tune.

Just to say. I only put bare bones versions of my tunes in my book because I want people to interpret the tunes for themselves. triplets in my mind are ornamentation and different instruments ornament diferently.


Jim x

Hi Jim

Hope you’re keeping well. I know you are always kept very busy in various projects.
I’m also glad that you don’t mind me posting your tune on the site. It’s always been a favourite and there’s been quite a lot of interest in it here too.

Janine’s Reel; no dots?

I was hoping to get the standard notation for a tune here in the archive, Janine’s Reel; but when I went there, I couldn’t find the notation for it, just the ABC’s. Any suggestions for finding/generating it? Thanks!


Re: Janine’s Reel; no dots?

I’m not sure if this was an oversight on Jeremy’s part or whether he chose not to provide it, in view of some of the comments relating to the tune. However, I later clarified(as did the actual composer) that this is the correct, albeit bare bones, version of the tune.

Perhaps, Jeremy might add the sheet music now.

In the meantime, if you download the ABC file, you can convert it with a suitable program such as ABC Navigator which is free to dowload.

Also, there is an online converter you can try.



Fools seldom differ, John J

Jannine’s Reel

Thanks folks; I see that Jeremy (or someone else…) has supplied the notation in the archive!

Sorry to have posted this in the wrong place originally…