O’er The Isles To America reel

By Jane Morrison

Also known as A-null Thar Nan Eileanan Dh’ Ameireagaidh Gun Tèid Sinn, Over The Isles To America.

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One setting

X: 1
T: O'er The Isles To America
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
g|f2 ed eAAB|A2 AB e2 eg|(3fgf ed eAAB|dBGB d2 dg|
faed cAAB|(3AAA AB e2 ef|gfed efge|dBGB d2 dg||
fd (3ddd fded|cAAc e2 eg|fd (3ddd fded|BGGB d2 dg|
fd (3ddd fded|cAAc e2 ef|gfed efge|dBGB d2 z2||

Three comments

A very easy tune that I’m assuming is Scottish…?

O’er The Isles To America (reel)

Yes, indeed an “easy” tune in the sense that it is predictable. As I found out in the session last night when I heard it for the first time and was able to play in real time with the box player (who was the only person playing it) fairly accurately after the first couple of bars. Can’t say that about a lot of tunes, though!
But, like any tune, however “easy”, it still requires a lot of work to polish it into something you would be prepared to play in public.
I like it.

Re: O’er The Isles To America

By Jane Fraser Morrison. She has 2 volumes of highland airs. Most likely published in 1882.