One recording of
The Green Cottage
The Blue Ribbon

The Green Cottage (polka) is also known as From Billy To Jack, The Glen Cottage Polka #1, The Glen Cottage, The Glin Cottage No. 1, The Glin Cottage, The Green Cottage #1, The Quarry Cross, Teachín An Ghleanna.

The Blue Ribbon (polka) is also known as The Blue Ribbon #1, The Blue Ribbon Polkas No. 1, Dan O’Leary’s #3, The Northern March, Orange, Sonny Barrett’s, Sonny Rearden’s, Sonny Riordan’s, Tom Billy’s.

Round #1 by Boxing Banjo

  1. Waiting For Begley
  2. The Green Cottage
  3. Sonny Riordan’s