One recording of a tune named
The Green Cottage
With a tune named
Peata Geal Mo Mhathair

The Green Cottage (polka) is also known as From Billy To Jack, The Glen Cottage Polka #1, The Glen Cottage, The Glin Cottage No. 1, The Glin Cottage, The Green Cottage #1, Quarry Cross, The Quarry Cross.

Peata Geal Mo Mhathair (polka) is also known as Is Trua Gan Peata An Mhaoir Agam, Mother And Child’s, Mother’s Little Pet, Peata An Mhaoir, Peata Beag A Mháthair, The Yellow Cow, Your Mother’s Little Pet.

Seanchas by Danu

  1. The Glen Cottage
  2. John Brosnan’s
  3. Peata An Mhaoir