Thirty recordings of Lord MacDonald

Also known as Bear In The Buckwheat, Lord MacDonald’s.

This tune has been recorded together with Ballinasloe Fair (a few times), Casey’s Pig (a few times), Jenny’s Wedding (a few times), Lord Seaforth (a few times), Monymusk (a few times), Neil Gow’s Lamentation For James Moray Esq. Of Abercairny (a few times), Pirrie Wirrie (a few times), A Dhomhnuill! A Dhomhnuill!, A Duncan MacQuarrie, Allt-y-Caethiwed, The Bear In The Buckwheat, The Boys Of The Lough, Captain Campbell, Chùir I Glùin Air A’ Bhodaich, Coilsfield House, The Concertina, Cota Mor Ealasaid, Craig O’Barns, The Crooked Way To Dublin, The Cross Of Inverness, The Drunken Tinker, The Flowers Of Edinburgh, Frank Roche’s, The Friendly Visit, General Stewart, The Graf Spee, Hamish The Carpenter, The Highlander’s Farewell To Ireland, The Holly Bush, The Humours Of Tulla, I’ll Gang Nae Mair To Yon Toun, John Doherty’s, John’s, King George, Loch Earn, Lord Drummond, Lucy Campbell, Lucy Campbell, The Maid Behind The Bar, The Maid Of Mount Kisco, The Margaree, Miss Ann Moir’s Birthday, Miss Girdle, Miss Johnson, Miss Lyall, Miss Stewart, Paddy Joe’s Highland, The Primrose Lasses, Rakish Paddy, Sandy Cameron, Scotch Mist, Seamus Thompson’s, Tullochgorum, West Mabou, The Yellow Tinker.

  1. 1891-1945 Disc 1 by Michael Coleman
  2. A Compilation of Favourite Cape Breton Piano Solos by Doug MacPhee
  3. Away On Up The Road by Aidan Connolly & John Daly
  4. Boys Of The Lough by Boys Of The Lough
  5. Cape Breton Piano III by Doug MacPhee
  6. Celtic Fiddle by Jeremy Kittel
  7. Comhaltas On Tour 1983 by Various Artists
  8. Drops Of Spring Water by Comhaltas Concert Tour 2004
  9. Formerly of Foot Cape Road: Scottish Fiddle Music in the Classic Inverness County Style by Doug Macphee and John L. MacDonald
  10. Good Boy M.A. by Michael Anthony MacLean
  11. International Friendship of the Fiddle by Ron Gonnella
  12. Introduction by Dwayne Cote
  13. Lost and Found by Jayne Pomplas with Jos Kelly and Darren Roche
  14. Mac Morin by Mac Morin
  15. Pass It Down by Matt Pepin
  16. Rosining Up the Bow: Cape Breton Fiddling by Donny LeBlanc, Hilda Chaisson, Paul M. MacDonald
  17. Seudan by Seudan
  18. Simple Tricks by Angus Lyon And Ruaridh Campbell
  19. Sparks On The Flags by The Bridge Céilí Band
  20. The Dusky Meadow by Donald MacLellan With Doug MacPhee
  21. The King Of The Pipers by Leo Rowsome
  22. The Legendary Down Home Recordings by Various Artists
  23. The Music of Cape Breton, Vol. 2 - Cape Breton Scottish Fiddle by Various Artists
  24. The Sandy MacIntyre Collection: Cape Breton Fiddle (Steeped And Served) by Sandy MacIntyre
  25. The Sunny Hills by Will Woodson and Eric McDonald
  26. Traditional Fiddle Music Of Cape Breton Volume 2: The Rovers Return by Various Artists
  27. Traditional Music From Cape Breton Island by Natalie MacMaster And Buddy MacMaster
  28. Tryst by Iain MacInnes
  29. Vol. 1 Catchin’ The Tune by The Irish Tradition
  30. West Clare’s Own Martin Tubridy by Martin Tubridy