Carson’s march

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One setting

X: 1
T: Carson's
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
F>G|:B,2E2 E2A>B|G2F2 E2~e2|G2F2 F2G>A|F2E2 D2A,2|
B,2E2 B2B>A|G2E2 F2A,2|F2D>G A2B>A|G2F2 E2F>G:|
|:B,2E2 F>GB,>E|A>BG>A F>GB,>E|D2A>G F>B,B>A|G4 F>GF>D|
B,2E2 B>EB>A|A>dA>G A>GF2|F2D>G A>dB>A|G>AF>G E2F>G:|
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Two comments

Carson’s March

This is one of mine, again composed on the hammered dulcimer. This tune is not really a strathspey but, as the name implies, a march. It is very rythmic & sort of choppy & played a little bit like a strathspey only slowed down to marching tempo. It is alot of fun to play with a rhythm section & accompaniment. Carson is my 5 year old son who used to march around the house counting off like a drill sergeant & he would make my wife & I fall in behind him & have sort of a parade. The set I play is this one,then Bog an Lochan & then Sonny’s Shindig.

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