The Japanese hornpipe

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Five settings

X: 1
T: The Japanese
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
c>d|:(3efe ^d>e =d>ec>e|B>cA>B G>AF>G|E>FG>A B>cd>e|f>e^d>f e2 c>=d|
(3efe ^d>e =d>ec>e|B>cA>B G>AF>G|E>FG>A B>cd>e|1 f>ed>B (3Ace a2:|2 f>ed>B (3Ace (3aea||
|:c'2 c'2 c'>ec'>e|b2b2b2 e>e|b2b2 b>eb>e|c'2 a2 a2e>a|
c'2 c'2 c'>ec'>e|b2b2b2 e>f|(3ggg g>e f>ed>B|1 (3ABA G>B A2 e>a:|2 (3ABA G>B A2||
X: 2
T: The Japanese
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
cd|:(3efe ^de =de c2|(3BcB AB GB F2|EFGA Bcde|fe^de c2  c=d|
(3efe ^de =de c2|(3BcB AB GB F2|EFGA Bcde|1 (3gfe (3dcB A2 cd:|2 (3gfe (3dcB A2||
ea|:c'e c'4(3eac'|e'2 bab2 eg|be b4 (3egb|e'2  aga2 ea|c'e c'4(3eac'|
e'2 bab2 ea|gagf (3efe (3dcB|1 AcBG A2 ea:|2 AcBG A2||
X: 3
T: The Japanese
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
a2 egf|:(3eee ^de =de c2|(3BcB AB GBFG|EFGA Bcde|fe (3^def eAc=d|
(3eee ^de =de c2|(3BcB AB GB F2|EFGA Bcde|1 (3gfe (3dcB Aagf:|2 (3gfe (3dcB Acea||
|:e'2 e'3 eac'|a'2 b4 eg|(3c'ge (3c'ge (3c'ge (3c'ge|a'2 a4 ea|
e'2 e'3 eac'|a'2 b4 ef|gagf edBG|1 (3ABA GB A2 ea:|2 (3ABA GB Aagf|
X: 4
T: The Japanese
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
cd|:(3efe ^de =de c2|(3BcB AB GBF2|EFGA Bcde|(3gfe ^de c2c=d|
(3efe ^de =de c2|(3BcB AB GB F2|EFGA Bcde|1 (3gfe dB A2 cd:|2 (3gfe dB A2ea||
|:c'a c'4 (3eac'|!open!e'2 b4 df|be b2b2 (3dfb|!open!e'2 a4 ea|
c'a c'4 (3eac'|!open!e'2 b4 ea|gfg2 ge (3dcB|A6 ea||
c'e (3abc' ec' ec'|e'b ba b2 df|bd f/f/b df bc'|e'a ae a2 ea|
c'e (3abc' ec' ec'|e'b ba b2 ea|gfg2 ge (3dcB|A6||
X: 5
T: The Japanese
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:Bc|(3ded ^cd =cd B2|(3ABA GA FA E2|DEFG ABcd|ed^cd B2 Bc|
(3ded ^cd =cd B2|(3ABA GA FA E2|DEFG ABcd|(3fed (3cAF G2:|
|:DG|B2 B2 BA GA|d2 A2 A2 FG|A2 A2 AG FA|B2 G2 G2 DG|
B2 B2 BA GA|d2 A2 A2 Bc|d2 ^cd fd=cA|G2 Bd g2:|

Sixteen comments

From the playing of that fine belgian fiddler Thierry Masure

The Japanese Hornpipe

Here’s what was said about the tune on ‘The Fiddler’s Companion’ website.

“The tune originally came from a travelling circus which frequented Donegal. As one of the circus acts a troupe of performers, together with a fiddler, would act a comic skit to the first part of the tune, but when the second part came around they would stop the action and perform a comic dance. This structure was repeated until the conclusion of the skit. The tune was remembered by local Donegal musicians in attendance, and comes down to the present generation of Donegal fiddlers via John Doherty.”

This is my best effort to make sense from the incoherent ABCs that are posted there.

T:Japanese Hornpipe
S:Johnny Doherty
cd |: (3efe ^de =de c2| (3BcB AB GB F2| EFGA Bcde | fe^de c2  c=d |
(3efe ^de =de c2| (3BcB AB GB F2| EFGA Bcde |1(3gfe (3dcB A2 cd:|2 (3gfe (3dcB A2||
ea|:c’e c’4(3eac’| e’2 bab2 eg |be b4 (3egb | e’2  aga2 ea |c’e c’4(3eac’|
e’2 bab2 ea|gagf (3efe (3dcB |1AcBG A2 ea:|2AcBG A2||

Tha ABC is fine and the sheet music is fine.

Maybe you misunderstood me. I was referring to the ABCs on the Fiddler’s Companion website as “incoherent” – not yours posted here – they’re fine. The problem with the ABCs on that site are in the B-part. I had to move the bar lines and do some serious editing before it was right.

I apoligise,my misunderstanding.

No problem – it certainly isn’t the first time someone misunderstood what was being said in this website. 😉

Something I like to do with this tune is to go between playing it in the keys of A and D. S’fun.

I don’t know ,I learned it from Thierry

This tune doesn’t sound Japanese at all!

It’s all part of the master plan. I think there was a movie about it once. The Japanese write a hornpipe and call it the Japanese hornpipe, but they make it sound sort of Irish just to throw people off the track. I think there a monster involved, and a noodle shop, and the plot was just like one or two Shakespeare plays. But I don’t remember how it ended ’cause I fell asleep in the middle. Or maybe I fell asleep and dreamed that I saw the movie.

Japanese Hornpipe

X:3 from the fiddling of Frank Cassidy, the original recording may be heard on his Nil Gar Ann! CD. Very flashy. The attempt at capturing Johnny Doherty’s playing isn’t all there and I may attempt to improve on it sometime here.

The Japanese, X:4

This is Paddy Glackin’s version from the album ‘Hidden Ground’ that he made with Jolyon Jackson in 1980.

The Japanese, X:5

There seem to be 2 different second parts to this hornpipe — a high one and a lower one.
Also there are slightly different variations in the second part of the lower version . Listen to the various offerings by different musicians and pick the one you like. The one I have posted has bits of different ones mixed in .

Re: The Japanese

Just wanted to add that the version I posted is from John Bowe Accordion player ITMA , except for the last bar of the tune.